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{{Infobox Character |name=Norlo |image=250px">250px |race=Rokari |home planet=Rokari planet |gender=Male |born= |died= |rank= |allegiances=Rokari, Nirna |appearances="The Key" |actor= }} Norlo is a male Rokari from planet Rokari planet. Norlo is married to Nirna.


He works in a secret library on the planet with the Nirna, but none of them could read the writing because no one has read for many generations. When Gus Bonner and his team came to the planet, they discovered a comet that was about to hit the planet and destroy all life on it. They traveled to the city to warn residents about the comet. They met Norlo when he was chased by guard robots, because he had put up signs with the written text which was banned long ago. After that the team tried to warn the Council of the comet, and they did not believe the visitors. The team rescued since Norlo from jail and sought shelter in the secret library. Nirna met them and with the team's help managed to save thir planet from annihilation. Before the team left the planet, the couple told them that they would begin to teach everyone on the planet to readm and Nirna and Norlo would start a newspaper as soon as everyoe could read. {{cite|inf|The Key}}
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