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Novus colony (Epilogue)

Novus colony (Epilogue)

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  • }} Novus colony is an Earth-like planet located in an unnamed galaxy (Pain)|unnamed galaxy and a Stargate. The planet is one of the off-world colonies founded a few decades ago. It is unknown how technological advanced the colony is. There is a known settlement on the planet.



    Sometime before 2010 the planet was colonized by the People of Novus after they discovered their Novus|home planet was becoming uninhabitable due to a black hole. At least thirty years before Destiny arrived at the planet, most of the population from Novus fled to the planet through the Stargate before it was lost in a lava flow.

    Present history

    In 2010 the colonist from another Novus colony (Common Descent)|colony were transported here by the Destiny expedition after their Novus colony (Common Descent)|colony's Stargate was destroyed and they discovered that Novus was uninhabitable. The planet is ten days from Novus using Destiny's Faster-Than-Light engine|FTL engine and two hundred years for the evacuation ship. The ships which left Novus are currently on their way to the colony and the trip would take two hundred years because the ships do not have FTL-capability. The expedition spend a short time at the colony before they went on the course. {{cite|SGU|Epilogue}}

    Famous residents

  • Abigale
  • Betty
  • Ellie
  • Jason
  • Landon
  • Yaozu
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