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{{Infobox Character
|home planet=P2X-416
|allegiances=Stargate Command (present)  Bedrosia (past)
|appearances=Stargate SG-1<br>
  • "New Ground"
  • |actor=Richard Ian Cox }} Nyan was an archaeologist living on a planet designated P2X-416 by the Tau'ri in the year 2000. He was responsible for discovering and uncovering his world's Stargate.



    His planet had two warring factions. Nyan was a Bedrosian, who believed that a god had created life on their world. The other faction were the Optrican, who believed (correctly) that they had come from another world, When the Stargate activated and SG-1 came through, another member of Nyan's archaeological team, Mallin, alerted the Bedrosian military to their arrival. As a result, Colonel Jack O'Neill, Major Samantha Carter and Dr. Daniel Jackson were captured, and Teal'c was badly wounded in his escape when his staff backfired while confronting another soldier sent to find him, injuring his symbiote and leaving him blind. Having discovered Teal'c and helped him to safety, Nyan provided Teal'c with a Optical regenerator|device that partially restored his vision; although Teal'c was proof that everything he had been raised to believe was wrong, Nyan recognized that, as a scientist, it was just as exciting to be proven wrong as it was to be proven right. With Nyan's help, Teal'c recovered in time to rescue his comrades as they were being tortured in an attempt make them 'admit' that they were Optrican spies. Nyan subsequently joined the team when they escaped to Earth through the Stargate, recognizing that he would be branded a traitor for his actions, apparently becoming Daniel's research assistant. In a later conversation with Teal'c in the Stargate Command infirmary, he expressed his hope that, some day, the situation on his planet would improve, and he would be able to return there and reveal his discoveries to his people. {{Cite|SG1|New Ground}}




  • Bedrosian rifle: To be added
  • Zat'nik'tel: To be added
  • Other equipment

  • Optical regenerator: To be added
  • Notes

  • Although Nyan became Daniel's research assistant, he was never seen or mentioned again after "New Ground". But the situation on his planet might have improved and he was able to go back and tell his people what he discovered.
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