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O'Neill-class ship

O'Neill-class ship

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{{Infobox Spaceship |image=250px">250px {{caption|O'Neill class ship in aerial "drydock"}}
|imageBG= |name=O'Neill-class ship |hidep= |manufacturer=Asgard |designer=Asgard |class= |cost= |hidet= |length=1,500 meters{{Ref|<ref name="DVD22">Stargate SG-1: The DVD Collection 22<br>{{DVD Collection Dimension Notice}}
</ref>}} |width=700 meters{{Ref|<ref name="DVD22" />}}
|height= |max accel= |mglt= |max speed= |engine=
  • Sublight engine|Sublight drive
  • Asgard hyperdrive
  • |fuel=Naquadria{{Ref|<ref name="DVD22" />}}
    |hdsystem=Asgard hyperdrive|Intergalactic |poweroutput= |power=Neutrino-ion generators{{Ref|<ref name="DVD22" />}}
    |hull=Naquadah, Carbon, Trinium composite{{Ref|<ref name="DVD22" />}}
    |shield gen=Asgard shield|Asgard shielding system |target= |control=Asgard stones |navigation= |avionics= |countermeasures=
  • Self-destruct
  • Explosion suppression system{{Ref|<ref name="DVD22" />}}
  • |armament=4 Ion guns{{Ref|<ref name="DVD22" />}}
    |complement= |crew= |skeleton=None{{Ref|<ref name="DVD22" />}}
    |passengers= |capacity= |othersystems=Asgard transporter|Transporter arrays
  • 5 primary{{Ref|<ref name="DVD22" />}}
  • 10 secondary{{Ref|<ref name="DVD22" />}}
  • |hideu= |role=Warship |firstuse=2000 |affiliation=Asgard }} {{Quote|...it is the most advanced technological Asgard creation yet.|Thor|Small Victories}}
    The O'Neill-class ship was the most advanced warship in the Asgard fleet, and the first series of Asgard Spaceship|ships designed solely to fight the Replicators.


    {{Quote|The vessels you face are far superior to the one you attacked. Challenge us at your own peril.|Freyr|Revelations}}
    Named in honor of Jack O'Neill of the Tau'ri, O'Neill-class ships dwarfed both the Prometheus|Prometheus, 304|304s and Ha'tak class vessels in both size and firepower. These vessels carried the most advanced weapons created by the Asgard (excluding their Asgard plasma beam weapon|plasma beam weapons which were developed later after their participation in combat against the Ori warship|Ori motherships). The O'Neill-class replaced the Bilskirnir-class ship|Bilskirnir-class ship as the Asgard vessel of choice when engaging hostile forces. These vessels were powered by an unknown number of Neutrino-ion generators, and possessed fifteen Asgard transporters. The Asgard were constructing an entire fleet of these ships to replace their Bilskirnir-class vessels, and already had several O'Neill-class ships constructed by the time of the Ori crusade. {{Cite|SG1|Small Victories|Unnatural Selection|New Order, Part 1|New Order, Part 2|Camelot}}


    {{Quote|Wow! That's an impressive looking ship.|Samantha Carter|Small Victories}}
    thumb|left|The first O'Neill as seen from Asgard shipyard observation deck.">thumb|left|The first O'Neill as seen from Asgard shipyard observation deck. The O'Neill-class shared the same aesthetics as other Asgard spaceships, with smooth, curving lines and parallel sets of projections. Overall these ships were similar in appearance to the Bilskirnir-class ship|Bilskirnir-class ships, except with a curved, bulging "head" design for the bow. As with all Asgard warships, the O'Neill series of vessels had a distinctive hammer shaped hull design. The rear of these ships house two engines with visibly glowing thrusters, also similar to the Bilskirnir-class.


    O'Neill-class ships are highly maneuverable, as witnessed during the Battle of P3Y-229. During the battle, the Kvasir's O'Neill|participating O'Neill-class vessel was seen making sharp turns at high speeds and engaging in dog fighting-style tactics, despite its massive size, which, in part, allowed it to fare far better than the other vessels of the allied fleet, and it was the only vessel that wasn't confirmed crippled or destroyed in the battle, this is due to its massive superiority over the Ha'taks and 304's.  {{Cite|SG1|Camelot}}


    O'Neill-class vessels, incorporating the most advanced technologies the Asgard possess, were among the most powerful ships in the known universe. Only Ori warships, designed and built with Ascension|ascended knowledge, were proven to be a match for them. Even then, the only time an Ori warship bested an O'Neill-class vessel, it had the advantage of numerical superiority (4 to 1), and it is unknown if the O'Neill-class ship was actually destroyed. {{Cite|SG1|Small Victories|Camelot}}


    Before their mass-suicide, the Asgard had developed a new alloy comprised of a combination of naquadah, trinium and carbon creating the strongest material that the Asgard knew of and used it to create the hull of the O'Neill-class vessel(s).


    The Asgard hyperdrive|hyperdrives on the O'Neill-class were far superior to those installed on the outdated Bilskirnir-class ship|Bilskirnir-class ship, and quite possibly the fastest hyperdrives ever constructed. These hyperdrives proved capable of traveling between the Ida and Milky Way galaxy|galaxies in only a few hours, and towed the Prometheus back into Earth's orbit across 1,200 light-years in mere seconds. The Prometheus was later towed to the Ida galaxy in less than a day (much slower than if the Asgard ship was traveling alone, but far faster than what any other known vessel was capable of. {{Cite|SG1|Unnatural Selection}}


    The Asgard shield|shields of the O'Neill-class were some of the most powerful ever designed, capable of withstanding multiple hits from both the Ori energy beam weapon|central beam weapon of an Ori warship and its Ori pulse weapon|secondary pulse weapons, both of which were capable of destroying Ha'tak|Ha'tak's in no more than a single or handful of hits, respectively. {{Cite|SG1|New Order, Part 2|Camelot}}


    thumb|right|O'Neill-class ships firing their energy weapons">thumb|right|O'Neill-class ships firing their energy weapons The O'Neill-class was armed with four powerful ion guns; two of which were visible on both of the ships "wings", with two more at the bow of the ship capable of retracting into the hull. Designed to penetrate the shielding systems of both Replicator ships and Anubis' upgraded Shield#Goa'uld|Goa'uld shields, the ion bolts fired by these weapons were capable of refracting to bypass a shield and strike a target multiple times.{{Ref|<ref name="DVD22" />}}
    These cannons were the only known energy weapons capable of destroying Replicator blocks, which have traditionally been impervious to energy weapons, through sheer kinetic force and were also implied to be powerful enough to counteract the upgraded shields on Anubis' Ha'tak, although it was never demonstrated. {{Cite|SG1|Revelations|New Order, Part 2}}

    Known ships

  • O'Neill
  • Freyr's O'Neill|Freyr's O'Neill
  • Kvasir's O'Neill|Kvasir's O'Neill
  • Valhalla (spaceship)|Valhalla
  • Thor's O'Neill|Thor's O'Neill
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