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{{Infobox Planet |name=Oannes |image=250px">250px |hidea= |address= |point of origin= |galaxy=Milky Way |hides= |population=100,000 |race=Ohnes |tech=Advanced |interest=
  • Homeworld of Ohnes
  • Nem's lab‏‎
  • |domination=Ohnes |hideo= |appearances=Stargate SG-1<br>
  • "Fire and Water"
  • }} Oannes, designated P3X-866 by the Tau'ri, is home to the Ohne species. It is one of three moons of a gas giant in Milky Way Galaxy and sometime in the past was visited by the Ancients, whom left a Stargate behind. Oannes has a large sea along with several small volcanic pockets, along the beach, which sprays out hot steam. {{cite|sg1|Fire and Water}}
    Oannes' Stargate is located in a desert region, a piece from one of the moon's great salt sea. And 30% of the surface covered by a salty sea and has five major oceans. {{cite|RPG|Friends and Foes: Stargate Season Two}}

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