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The Orbanians are a race of humans from the planet Orban. They are a technologically advanced race in the Milky Way galaxy.



Orbanians derived from a Mesoamerican culture from Earth. The Omeyocan transported them to Orban thousands of years ago via crystal skull, where the people adapted to living in a non-tropical environment. At a one time the Goa'uld attempted to conquer Orban, but the Orbanians fought back and drove them away from Orban. In 1950, the Orbanians developed Orbanian nanite|nanite technology. They began using nanites in their newborn children to increase their ability to learn large amounts of information, achieving adult levels of intelligence and maturity before even reaching puberty. The children who received the nanites became known as the Urrone. When the children reached the age of twelve, they went through a ceremony called Averium. During the Averium, the nanites inside the child are removed and given to the rest of the population to spread the knowledge obtained. Unfortunately, the children ended up with the mental state of an infant and essentially needed to grow up again. Attempts to give these children new nanites failed, as the nanites were repelled by the body. Some time before 1999, the Orbanians reached a technological level that was a few decades ahead of Earth (Tau'ri). In 1999, the Orbanians were contacted by their lost Tau'ri brethren, initiating a cultural exchange of information. They sent a Urrone child named Merrin to teach Samantha Carter how to build a naquadah generator while Daniel Jackson remained on Orban to coordinate archaeological efforts. After the SGC learned about the effects of the Averium, Jonathan J. O'Neill took Merrin to an elementary school in Colorado Springs in an attempt to convince her that there were other options than to undergo the ceremony. To O'Neill's disappointment, Merrin returned to Orban and went through the Averium. Her nanites were given to the whole population, and in one night their society had changed completely. The Orbanians resolved to abandon the Urrone program and educate their children the "old way". The alliance between the Tau'ri and the Orbanians remains strong. {{cite|SG1|Learning Curve}}
: The Orbanians are listed as one of the civilizations being sheltered by the Omeyocan and their crystal skull transport network from Stargate SG-1: City of the Gods.

Known Orbanian

  • Kalan
  • Merrin
  • Tomin (Orbanian)|Tomin
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