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Ori fleet

Ori fleet

thumb|right|250px|The Ori fleet in formation">thumb|right|250px|The Ori fleet in formation {{Quote|In the name of the gods, ships shall be built to carry our warriors out amongst the stars, and we will spread Origin to all the unbelievers.|Doci|Origin (episode)}}
The Ori fleet is the fleet of ships used by the human followers of the Ori during their conquest of the Milky Way galaxy.

Known ships

  • Ori fighter
  • Ori warship
  • *Light of Origin
  • *Ori warship (Camelot)
  • *Ori warship (The Pegasus Project)
  • *Ori warship 1 (Unending)
  • *Ori warship 2 (Unending)
  • *Ori warship 3 (Unending)
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