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Pegasus Alpha Site (Second)

Pegasus Alpha Site (Second)

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{{Infobox Planet |name=Pegasus Alpha Site (Second) |image=250px">250px |address= |point of origin= |galaxy=Pegasus |population= |race=Formerly Tau'ri |tech= |interest=Former Alpha Site |domination=Formerly Atlantis expedition |hideo= |appearances=Stargate: Atlantis<br>
  • "The Siege, Part 2" {{m}}
  • }} Pegasus Alpha Site was a planet used by the Atlantis expedition as their Alpha Site, until it was discovered by the Wraith when Michael Kenmore escaped from the planet and went to Planet (Michael)|another. This base was likely abandoned after Michael escaped and returned to the Wraith. {{Cite|SGA|Michael}}
    A Pegasus Alpha Site (Third)|third Alpha Site was later constructed by the Atlantis Expedition. {{Cite|ATL|Echoes}}
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