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People of Camelot

People of Camelot

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{{Infobox Race |race=People of Camelot |image=People of Camelot.jpg |species=Human |dist= |origin=Camelot |lang=English |govt=King Arthur |alliances= |appearance="Camelot (episode)|Camelot" |status=Alive }} The People of Camelot are a race of humans from the Milky Way Galaxy. Members of the human race living on a planet PX1-767 say it Camelot. It is a company similar to that of the early Middle Ages on Earth. As well as on several other planets, people are greatly influenced by the Arthurian legend. People are concentrating in villages with stone buildings, which are surrounded by walls and moats. Their populations often uses sweatshops like basketry, blacksmithing, weaving, printing, horses are used, they can work with metal, wax and herbs, the planet is suitable for farming. Youngsters who want the fostering of knightly tradition. Merlin into one of the villages located its library, which until the arrival of SG-1 is locked. Some people believe that Merlin practiced black magic and so his name to pronounce the public. Merlin, Arthur's departure from nobody saw. His library had to provide against intrusions. People warned SG-1, who sought a weapon against the Ori, the library protects the powerful curse that ensures everyone who enters it the forfeiture of her life guards, the Black Knight. According to another legend, after pulling the sword from the stone placed at the gateway to the village soon, Arthur. SG-1 persuaded Antonius to pick up a key from the archives of the library and went with them to look into it. When the black knight is defeated, people offered a reward SG-1, however, the need to find Merlin pendant - Sangreal. Meurik knew what it was and gave SG-1 names of three planets Kastiana, Sahal and Vagon Bre, where he had gone to seek Sangreal and Arthur and his knights. {{Cite|sg1|Camelot}}

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