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People of Novus-Drone conflict

People of Novus-Drone conflict

{{Infobox Battle
|name=People of Novus-Drone conflict
|image=Novus colony (Blockade).jpg
  • Unnamed galaxy (Pain)|Unnamed galaxy
  • *Novus colony (Blockade)|Novus colony
  • *Novus colony (Common Descent)|Novus colony
  • |result=
  • Ongoing
  • Loss of two Novus colonies
  • |side1=People of Novus |side2=Drone (Resurgence)|Drone |commanders1=Unknown |commanders2=Control Ship |forces1=Unknown number of soldiers |forces2=2 Control Ship<br>Unknown number of Berzerker drone |casual1=Two colonies<br>Unknown number of People of Novus |casual2=Some Berzerker drones (Thanks to Destiny Expedition) }} The People of Novus-Drone conflict was a rivalry between People of Novus and the Drone (Resurgence)|Drones in an unnamed galaxy (Pain)|unnamed galaxy. It started after a Control Ship discovered Novus colony (Blockade)|Novus colony had a high-tech civilization. After the colony on the planet was lost as it went several years before the next meeting of the drones and People of Novus occurred.

    First Contact

    {{main|Drone attack of Novus colony}}
    The first contact between the two races occurred over the inhabitants of the Novus colony had reached a high technological level as Control Ship discovered. The ship lay in the orbit around the planet, and launched several Berzerker drones to the surface. Drones attacked the city of Terminus without a warning, and residents did everything to defend themselves and their colony. But the fighting lasted three days and in the meantime large part of the city has been lost and part of the population had died. Them most of the survivors had taken shelter in the city and moved their Stargate to an older part of city to escape to another planet. But to be able to escape so chose a few volunteers to use their remaining vehicles and drive them away to lure the drones while the rest of the people fled through the Stargate. After the people had managed to escape as did the Control Ship, the planet and leave the two drones inactive if the people would return. {{cite|sgu|Blockade}}

    Second attack of Novus colony

    {{main|Second Drone attack on Destiny}}
    A Control Ship was followed by Destiny for several months after successful track Stargate long distance. The Ship attacked Destiny but managed to stand against the drones that Control Ship sent to them. And Destiny expedition|expedition got rid of the drones that they had captured for study and when it was destroyed, believed them to Control Ship is not able to track them more. But Control Ship he continued to pursue them and discovered them, but then managed them to get away from the ship. Without knowing if it would control the ship still followed them when they had jumped out of the Faster-Than-Light engine|FTL after the discovery of a planet within the range that could have been lime as those needed to fill in their lime in CO2 scrubber. Once on the planet found them a few colonists from Novus who had lived there for thirty years. They told me everything about Novus and their people for the expedition which found out their alter tive had traveled two thousand years back in time through the wormhole. And the people promised to provide the expedition with all food supplies and so much lime they need. Without the expedition knew it had Control Ship jumped out hyperspace one and attacked Destiny. The drones also discovered the colonists had advanced technology of communication systems and generators. Drones destroyed all technology in all the settlements near the Stargate, leaving the planet when they destroyed the technology. A drone was also damaged Stargate so those remaining colonists, and some of the expedition could not leave the planet. But Destiny was returned and all were taken and the planet was abandoned. {{cite|sgu|Common Descent}}
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