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Planet (Pain)

Planet (Pain)

{{Unnamed planet}}
{{Infobox Planet |name=Planet (Pain) |image= |hidea= |address={{Sgaud|02|07|18|21|31|qu}}
<ref name="incomplete">Address is probably not functional because the number dialed was not visible. The final glyphs were also hidden from view, so only five glyphs are known.</ref> |point of origin= |galaxy=Unnamed galaxy (Pain)|Unnamed galaxy |hides= |population= |race= |tech= |interest=Food and Water |domination= |hideo= |appearances=Stargate Universe<br>
  • "Pain" {{m}}
  • }} This unnamed planet is in an unnamed galaxy (Pain)|unnamed galaxy. The planet was one of the first the Destiny expedition visited after the tick problem on board Destiny passed. It is a habitable planet. The off-world team had 10 hours to be on the planet and Matthew Scott led the team. {{Cite|SGU|Pain}}


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