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Plasma pistol

Plasma pistol

{{Infobox Weapon
| image=250px|">250px|
| name=Plasma pistol
| manufacturer=Vanir
| designer=
| model=
| type=Hand weapon
| cost=
| discharge=Yellow energy pulse
| control=Trigger
| power=
| size=Sidearm 
| weight=
| range=
| affiliation=Vanir,Tau'ri
The plasma pistol<ref>Stargate SG-1/Atlantis: The Official Magazine 27</ref>  is a type of handheld stunning weapon used by the Vanir.


These are handheld weapons, shaped like a pistol. They attach to the leg of a Vanir Armored exoskeleton|armored suit when not in use. They are capable of firing yellowish energy bolts that stun a Human in one shot, similar to a Wraith handblaster.


Two of the Vanir used those weapons to stun Doctors Daniel Jackson and Meredith Rodney McKay|Rodney McKay when they infiltrated Janus' lab|Janus' secret lab in Atlantis in order to steal a component of the Attero device. Later, when Rodney McKay attempted to deactivate the device, the weapons were used to stun him, preventing him from accomplishing the act. After McKay and Jackson escaped and commandeered the suits, they stunned some of the Vanir guarding the Attero device. {{Cite|ATL|First Contact|The Lost Tribe}}


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