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Prior (Ver Isca)

Prior (Ver Isca)

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{{Infobox Character| name=Prior (Ver Isca) |image=250px">250px |race=Prior |gender=Male |rank=Prior of the Ori |home planet=Ver Isca |allegiances=Ori |appearances=Stargate SG-1<br>
  • "Crusade"<br>*"Flesh and Blood"<br>*"The Quest, Part 1"<br>*"The Quest, Part 2"<br>Stargate: The Ark of Truth
  • |actor=Doug Abrahams }} {{quote|Blessed are those who follow the path in unison.|Prior speaking to Tomin|Crusade}}
    Prior of Ver Isca was a male Human from the Alteran Home Galaxy and a Prior of the Ori.




    He healed Tomin of his limp. In the days leading up to the Ori Army's departure from the Alteran Home Galaxy for the Milky Way, he told Tomin that he was not the father of Vala Mal Doran's child, but that instead, the child was the will of the Ori. {{Cite|SG1|Crusade}}
    After the child's birth, he informed Vala Mal Doran that her daughter was the Orici, who would lead the Ori Army in the Milky Way. After Doctor Daniel Jackson stunned Adria and Tomin, the Prior erected a wall of flames between Daniel, Vala and the doorway and entered the room to confront them. The Prior disabled Daniel's Ori stun weapon|stun weapon and telekinetically disarmed him of his pistol when Daniel attempted to shoot Adria. As the Prior advanced on Daniel and Vala with a smile, the Odyssey began to Asgard transporter|beam Daniel out. Noticing this, Daniel grabbed Vala and they were beamed out together by the Odyssey, leaving the Prior behind with the unconscious Adria and Tomin. {{Cite|SG1|Flesh and Blood}}


    He later returned, leading the Ori Army to the Osric's planet|planet where SG-1 tracked the Sangraal to. He preached to the masses there and traveled with Adria to the Morgan's planetary circuit|various planets she tracked them to. He did not follow her to the last planet for some reason and was thus not killed with the rest of the soldiers by Dr. Daniel Jackson. {{Cite|SG1|The Quest, Part 1|The Quest, Part 2}}
    He returned once more, coming to Earth in an attempt to be allowed to preach to the people of Earth to turn them to Origin, threatening that an Ori ship would come to Earth if his offer was refused. Major General Henry Landry told him that Earth wouldn't be so open, suggesting that the Priors had left Earth alone for so long because they knew that Earth may be able to resist a physical attack, and held him captive at Stargate Command until SG-1 returned. With SG-1's mission complete, they returned the Prior's Prior staff|staff and exposed him to the power of the Ark of Truth. This revealed the truth to him, and it was spread through his staff to the other Priors in the Milky Way galaxy and their followers, ending the crusade. {{Cite|TAOT}}



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  • Doug Abrahams previously played Commander Hale in the Stargate SG-1 episodes "Shadow Play" and "Homecoming".
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