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thumb|250px|Two members of the Quindosim.">thumb|250px|Two members of the Quindosim.
The Quindosim, otherwise known as the Brotherhood of the Fifteen, was a brotherhood of fifteen monks on the planet Dagan. Their sole purpose was the protection of the Potentia, a Zero Point Module given to them by the Ancients for protection. The number fifteen is a central figure in all their practices.

One of the fears of the order was that they would be destroyed during a Wraith culling which would have resulted in the Potentia being lost to all. As such, they created a series of nine Brotherhood Stones|stone markers which, when combined, would reveal the location of the Quindosim's treasure. Thus, if the Brotherhood was destroyed, which it eventually was, the treasure could eventually be found again.

The Brotherhood consists of a master handler, five protectors, and nine stone carriers. Allina became the new master handler long after the original Brotherhood was destroyed, and believed that the Atlantis expedition were the people the Potentia was meant for. She enlisted their aid in locating it, but Dr. Rodney McKay unwittingly revealed that they were not the Ancients. Thus, after using them to locate the Potentia, Allina took it to be hidden once more, believing that the Ancients would one day return and finally reward the Brotherhood for their dedication and loyalty although she and the rest of the organization did not realize that the Ancients themselves had long since left the Pegasus Galaxy and that they would never ever return. {{Cite|ATL|The Brotherhood}}

Known Members

  • Allina
  • Astrum (Deceased)
  • Porta (Deceased)
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