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Ramtha Cainei Leprna

Ramtha Cainei Leprna

{{Infobox Character
|name=Ramtha Cainei Leprna
|home planet=P7J-989
|rank=Leader of Volsinii
  • Volsinii
  • Tau'ri
  • |appearances= |actor= }} Ramtha Cainei Leprna is a female Volsinii from P7J-989. During her long exile in the virtual reality environment, Ramtha got a good reputation for the understanding of justice and Keeper behave. In addition to her other qualities, Ramtha descended from some of the most August lineages among Volsinii, a fact that commands a huge amount of respect from the tradition-minded residents. In fact, this influence as possible for her to take a place of refuge in the first place. Like many of the ruling oligarchs she saw her own survival at any cost, and that most (but not all) of the residents have had centuries to undo its selfishness. During SG-1 s stay in Keepers kingdom, she heard the strangers words Keeper lied to them and that their world was safe and the lush again. She led the team intrinsic who overcame the obstacles Keeper had been established for these newcomers. When the Keeper fled their virtual world to the real, she was among the first follow emerge from her Virtual reality pod from the long sleep. After his release from Keepers kingdom became Ramtha leader of the surviving population de facto. Recently, they unanimously declared that she would be one of the two Mamacstreve (Major Magistrate) who rule over them. Wise and prudent, Ramtha is very aware of her people's vulnerability. While grateful for the SGC's help she is worried about the future, her world ill-equipped to resist Goa'uld discovery. But she knows the biggest problem for her people, many Volsinii who remain inside its Virtual reality pod. Between this and take care of those who have appeared in their new world, she is a very busy woman. Unlike many of her peers that she has thrown its comfortable sweep of introspection and feel that in the coming months and years there will be much to do. Over fifty when she came into the Virtual reality pod, remains Ramtha remarkably well preserved for a thousand years old. Dark hair and fine cheekbones combined with olive skin donor her a classic beauty who listen back to their Etruscan ancestors. Her voice is low and her speech just to persuade or admonish as easily. {{Cite|RPG|Friends and Foes: Stargate Season Two}}

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