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Rescue of SG-1

Rescue of SG-1

{{Infobox Battle |prev=Escape from Asdad<ref>{{cite|SG1|Abyss}}
</ref> |conc= |next=Ashrak attack on the Alpha Site<ref>{{cite|SG1|Allegiance}}
</ref> |name=Rescue of SG-1 |image=Rescue of SG-1.jpg |conflict=
  • Tau'ri-Goa'uld War<ref name="TOG">{{cite|SG1|The Other Guys}}
  • Tok'ra insurgency<ref name="TOG"/>
  • |date=2002<ref name="TOG"/> |place=
  • P5X-112<ref name="TOG"/>
  • Khonsu's World<ref name="TOG"/>
  • |result= |side1=
  • Tau'ri<ref name="TOG"/>
  • Tok'ra<ref name="TOG"/>
  • Rebel Jaffa<ref name="TOG"/>
  • |side2=Goa'uld Empire<ref name="TOG"/> |commanders1=
  • Colonel Jack O'Neill<ref name="TOG"/>
  • Khonsu<ref name="TOG"/>
  • |commanders2=Her'ak<ref name="TOG"/> |forces1=
  • Major Samantha Carter<ref name="TOG"/>
  • Jonas Quinn<ref name="TOG"/>
  • Teal'c<ref name="TOG"/>
  • Dr. Jay Felger<ref name="TOG"/>
  • Dr. Simon Coombs<ref name="TOG"/>
  • Dol'ok<ref name="TOG"/>
  • Jaffa 2 (The Other Guys)<ref name="TOG"/>
  • |forces2=
  • Khonsu's Ha'tak<ref name="TOG"/>
  • Khonsu's Al'kesh<ref name="TOG"/>
  • Death Glider<ref name="TOG"/>
  • Dozens of Jaffa<ref name="TOG"/>
  • *Jaffa 1 (The Other Guys)|Jaffa<ref name="TOG"/>
  • *Jaffa 3 (The Other Guys)|Jaffa<ref name="TOG"/>
  • *Jaffa 4 (The Other Guys)|Jaffa<ref name="TOG"/>
  • *Jaffa 5 (The Other Guys)|Jaffa<ref name="TOG"/>
  • *Jaffa 6 (The Other Guys)|Jaffa<ref name="TOG"/>
  • |casual1=
  • Khonsu<ref name="TOG"/>
  • Dol'ok<ref name="TOG"/>
  • Jaffa 2 (The Other Guys)|Jaffa<ref name="TOG"/>
  • |casual2=
  • Jaffa 3 (The Other Guys)|Jaffa<ref name="TOG"/>
  • Jaffa 4 (The Other Guys)|Jaffa<ref name="TOG"/>
  • Jaffa 5 (The Other Guys)|Jaffa<ref name="TOG"/>
  • Jaffa 6 (The Other Guys)|Jaffa<ref name="TOG"/>
  • }} The Rescue of SG-1 was an event that took place in 2002 during the Tau'ri-Goa'uld War.




    While babysitting a group of scientists on P5X-112, SG-1 was captured by Her'ak and taken aboard a Ha'tak. Two of the scientists, Dr. Jay Felger and Dr. Simon Coombs, Transportation rings|ringed up to the Ha'tak to rescue them. Colonel Jack O'Neill explained that they were captured on purpose to meet with an undercover Tok'ra named Khonsu. O'Neill had the undercover Rebel Jaffa Dol'ok hide them on the ship. After arriving on Khonsu's World, Her'ak killed Khonsu because Anubis knew of his true identity for some time and used him to capture SG-1. Dol'ok and another rebel Jaffa were also killed but Felger and Coombs were not discovered. Felger realized something was wrong and took their armor and ringed down to the planet. They snuck into the Pyramid and made their way to the control room. They were able to deactivate the forcefield in SG-1's cell and Coombs directed them out of the pyramid from the control room. When the reached the Stargate, SG-1 was able to take out the Jaffa but Coombs was cut off from the ring room. O'Neill had Coombs ring himself and Teal'c into the pyramid and they took out the Jaffa blocking Coombs exit. The three of them ringed back to the gate and they escaped back to Earth.<ref name="TOG"/>




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  • *SG-1 Season 6|Season 6
  • **"The Other Guys"
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  • **"Avenger 2.0" {{m}}
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