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Ring Project

Ring Project

Ring Project is a project founded by Galaran military through the use of Stargate to explore the galaxy.


{{Quote|What you do not know is that we have used it to visit more than a dozen inhabited worlds, and there may be thousands more out there. |Varta|Collateral Damage}}
The Ring project was set up by the Galaran military a year before they met their Tau'ri brothers. The project used by the military Galaran exactly the same way as Stargate Command. Vartas job as ambassador to foreign cultures through the ring when the project first started. The project had been in contact with at least a dozen planets. And the project had discovered lots of new technology including interstellar travel technology. They formed alliances with other cultures that would enable them to protect their planet. Dr. Reya Varrick was the leader of the project before she died. Varta was then responsible for the Ring project, and the influence of the development of alien technology. Galarans using the project to explore new worlds and start trade relations with other cultures. The project itself is a classified project and run Galaran military. Varta met with people from over a dozen worlds and realized that Galar met people who were more technologically advanced and understood interstellar travel. {{cite|sg1|Collateral Damage}}

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