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Ryan Nixon

Ryan Nixon

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|place of birth=Toledo, Washington, USA
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|official site=http://www.stitchsloft.com
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Ryan Nixon (best known as Stitch) is a well-reputable fan of Stargate Franchise. Ryan's provided Specialty props for movies like (2022) TOP GUN:MAVERICK, (2019) CAPTAIN MARVEL, (2014) Transformers: Age of Extinction, (2013) Ender's Game, (Season 2 2013-2014) NBC REVOLUTION, (2011) Green Lantern, (1995) Apollo 13 and also for (2018) Stargate Origins web-series. He graduated from University of Phoenix. Ryan is retired US NAVY veteran. Mr. Nixon is the founder of "Stitch’s Loft", a world wide Prop and Costume provider and consulting company.


Specialty props

  • Stargate Origins
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  • [http://www.stitchsloft.com "Stitch’s Loft"] 's official website
  • [https://www.facebook.com/stitchsloft Ryan H. Nixon] 's official page on Facebook
  • [https://twitter.com/StitchsLoft Ryan H. Nixon] 's official account on Twitter
  • [https://www.instagram.com/stitchsloft/ Ryan H. Nixon] 's official account on Instagram
  • [https://www.youtube.com/c/stitchsloft Ryan H. Nixon] 's official account on You Tube
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