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{{Infobox SG team
|sg team name=SG-13
|caption=The SG-13 insignia badge
|known members=
  • Apone
  • Cameron Balinsky
  • Jake Bosworth
  • Cochrane
  • Deveraux
  • David Dixon
  • Mark McAllister
  • Sanderson (SG-13)|Sanderson
  • Waterhouse
  • Simon Wells
  • |status=Survey / Covert Ops }} SG-13 was an SG team created in 1999. {{cite|SG1|Show and Tell}}


    thumb|left|SG-13 in the Season 7 episode, "Heroes Part 1".">thumb|left|SG-13 in the Season 7 episode, "Heroes Part 1". SG-13 was led by Colonel David Dixon with Dr. Cameron Balinsky, Senior Airman Jake Bosworth and Senior Airman Simon Wells. When Dr. Daniel Jackson and Teal'c tried to flee through the Stargate to P3X-500 to rescue the rest of SG-1, SG-13 caught them in the act, but instead of stopping them which they could've easily done by stopping the dialing sequence, SG-13 aided the two: they didn't stop the dialing sequence and Wells and Bosworth confronted Jackson and Teal'c and after hearing their plans, told them to shoot them with a Zat'nik'tel and take their weapons and ammunition as all they had was two zats between them. The two were grateful, though stunned that SG-13 broke military protocol in such a manner. Later, when General Hammond led an army of volunteers to Kinahhi (planet)|Kinahhi to delay the Kinahhi and buy General Woodburn time to thwart Kinsey's plans, SG-13 along with Major Henry Boyd were among the volunteers. The team survived the mission and reunited with SG-1. {{Cite|SG1|The Cost of Honor}}
    SG-13 were surveying the planet P3X-666 and found ruins of Ancient origin. They were then attacked by a reconnaissance probe, much like the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle|UAV in function. They destroyed the probe, but not before it had time to send out a subspace alert to the Goa'uld. Wells was injured in Battle of P3X-666|the attack and Dr. Janet Fraiser was killed treating him though Wells survived thanks to her sacrifice. At an earlier time, they were surveying P2X-787 that they found similar to the above planet. {{cite|SG1|Heroes, Part 1|Heroes, Part 2}}
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