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{{Infobox SG team
|sg team name=SG-22
|caption=The SG-22 insignia badge
|known members=
  • Raimi
  • Cameron Balinsky
  • |status=Unknown }} SG-22 was the twenty-second SG team formed at Stargate Command. It was created sometime before 2005. {{cite|SG1|Moebius, Part 1}}
    Not long after assuming command of Stargate Command, Brigadier General Jack O'Neill was being briefed by Dr. Cameron Balinsky of SG-22. {{Cite|SG1|Moebius, Part 1}}
    On P9G-844, this team, under the command of Colonel Raimi, acted as a backup for SG-1 when they were searching for the Sodan. {{Cite|SG1|Babylon}}
    They returned to the Sodan planet when they and SG-1 were to apprehend a Prior. {{Cite|SG1|The Fourth Horseman, Part 2}}
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