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Sanctuary Beast

Sanctuary Beast

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{{Infobox Race |race=Beast |image=250px">250px |species= |dist=Ghost-like monster |origin=Planet of the Cloister |lang= |govt= |alliances=None |appearance="Epiphany" }} The Beast was a creature that was created over time by the People of the Cloister.


The Beast is a physical manifestation of fear, generated by the inhabitants of the Planet of the Cloister through the abilities granted by their near ascension|near-ascended state. The Beast exists as a conglomeration of psychic energy that takes the form of a large, nondescript monster. It can turn invisible at will, but even when visible only appears as a shimmering, ghost-like entity. It is impervious to harm, as it lacks a physical body. However, it can still affect its surroundings, being strong enough to throw adult humans considerable distances as well as rend them with its claws.


For generations, the Beast terrorized the people of the Cloister, but didn't usually attack the village. It was first encountered by the Atlantis expedition when Lt. Colonel John Sheppard became sucked into the portal to the Cloister. He saved Avrid from certain doom, but couldn't kill the creature with his weapons. The beast retreated, but Sheppard was unsure of what he did to make it retreat. Since the natives were afraid of the beast, Sheppard persuaded them to fight the beast. Eventually, they confronted the beast, surrounded it and vanquished it with their minds, allowing them to Ascension|ascend. {{Cite|atl|Epiphany}}

Behind the scenes

  • The Beast shares several similarities with the wikipedia:Predator (alien)|Predator from the film series of the same name, namely in its cloaking ability, strength, and claws.
  • The idea of a physical manifestation of fear is similar to the concept of the "Dal'rok" in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "The Storyteller", although there it was deliberately conjured to unite the community.
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