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Sara Kehoe

Sara Kehoe

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|crew member name=Sara Kehoe
|alias=Sara Kehoe Horn
|nickname=Fat Nerd Fit
|date of birth=June 30, 1984
|place of birth=
  • GateWorld Contributor
  • Stargate Command Contributor
  • |companies= |SG= |voice= |other= |website= }} Sara Kehoe is the GateWorld & Stargate Command (platform)|Stargate Command platform Contributor.

    External links

  • [https://fatnerdfit.blogspot.com Sara Kehoe] 's official blog on Blogspot
  • [https://www.facebook.com/sara.kehoe23 Sara Kehoe Horn] 's official page on Facebook
  • [https://twitter.com/FatNerdFit Sara Kehoe] 's official account on Twitter
  • [https://www.gateworld.net/user/southernchickie/ Sara Kehoe] 's profile on GateWorld
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