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Seeker (Wraith)

Seeker (Wraith)

Seeker was a Wraith cleverman belonging to the Hive of Snow.


Seeker was one of the lords of Snow’s Zenana|zenana, serving as her Master of Sciences Biological. In the 1700s, Seeker took a young Dekaas as his pet, becoming something like a friend, master and mentor to him. {{cite|SGA|The Third Path}}
While Alabaster was young and but a child, Seeker had once brought snap-rose for her, and she stuck the blossoms solemnly in his beard. {{cite|SGA|Inheritors}}
While searching for the possible return of Elizabeth Weir in the Pegasus Galaxy|galaxy, Dr. Daniel Jackson, met Dekaas who he recognized to be a Wraith worshipper of Seeker during his time in an Alternate reality|alternate reality. Jackson later inquired the name to Guide and Alabaster and confirmed that he did exist in the prime reality but was killed along with Snow in a battle with a rival Hive. Guide thought fondly of his comrade nostalgically remembering telling him that he would be killed by his pets. {{cite|SGA|Unascended}}

Alternate Realities

  • In an alternate reality Seeker still served under Snow as her Master of Sciences Biological. He often played towers with Guide and possessed a rivalry. When learning from Snow that the Culling on Athos was interrupted by Atlantis expedition|strange humans armed with advanced projectile weapons and taking residence in Emege Snow came to his counsel to determine whether these humans were perhaps Ancients. When Daniel Jackson was captured he brought the human to his quarters. Using an Ancient artifact he determined that he did not possess the Ancient Technology Activation gene|Ancient gene. He attempted to discover where Daniel's people came from but to his surprise Daniel resisted his mental probes. He managed to get that the humans were not the descendants of the Ancients and that Daniel's lack of knowledge of the Wraith was due to the fact that Daniel's people were from a distant galaxy. Many of his brethren did not believe him, until Snow interrogated Daniel herself and it was confirmed. Unlike the other Wraith Seeker was more prone to a peaceful solution and wanted to study the humans rather than destroy them. After Snow negotiated a deal with General Jonathan J. O'Neill|Jack O'Neill for the safe return of her daughter, Young Queen, Snow asked his opinion on whether the existence of a civilization of advanced humans beyond their parameters warranted awakening the other Hives from slumber. Seeker believed that the humans present on Athos were not a threat and that calling the other Queens was extreme, thus allowing the Wraith to allow the surviving Atlantis expedition to go unmolested aware of their true origins. {{cite|SG1|Ouroboros}}
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