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{{Infobox Character
|name= Seevis
|race= Ver Iscan
|gender= Male
|home planet= Unknown, village of Ver Isca
|allegiances= Anti-Ori underground
|died = 2006
|appearances= Stargate SG-1<br>
  • "Crusade"
  • |actor= Michael Ironside }} {{Quote|Gods cannot be gods without those beneath gazing upwards.|Seevis|Crusade}}
    Seevis was a Human who served as Administrator of Ver Isca and local barkeeper.



    Seevis was known as a loyal follower of the Ori, and appeared to have no compassion for "unbelievers." If he discovered anyone straying from the path of righteousness, his punishments were known to be severe, including placing them on the village Ara (structure)|Ara for days at a time without food or water. After Vala Mal Doran became stranded in Ver Isca, Seevis was slow to trust her, and eventually placed her on the Ara, claiming she was "unholy." Even after he allowed her to be rescued by her husband, Tomin, the two remained bitter enemies. However, Seevis eventually revealed himself to be the leader of one of the Anti-Ori underground in the town, using his position as administrator for a cover. After having tested her true nature by placing her on the Ara, he revealed this to her, as well as his plans for destroying the Ori warships under construction on their planet, along with the tens of thousands present at the activation ceremony. For unknown reasons the sabotage failed, and Seevis allowed Vala to use a smuggled Ancient long-range communication device to warn Stargate Command about the approaching Ori crusade. However, Vala's husband Tomin discovered them and killed Seevis, nearly taking Vala's life as well. {{Cite|SG1|Crusade}}




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