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Sekkari artificial intelligence

Sekkari artificial intelligence

thumb|right|250px|Vanessa Conrad, a human-looking hallucination created by the Sekkari AI">thumb|right|250px|Vanessa Conrad, a human-looking hallucination created by the Sekkari AI
{{Quote|Please understand, I am the last hope of the Sekkari people.|Vanessa Conrad|Remnants}}
A Sekkari Artificial Intelligence, or A.I., was programmed into each of the many Sekkari seed carrier|seed carriers. Its purpose is to ensure the seed carrier finds a suitable world on which to restart the Sekkari species. By means of low levels of radiation, the A.I. was able to scan members of the Atlantis expedition and appear to them in forms that would help communicate to them the situation. Because of the unique nature of the A.I.'s method of interaction, the forms taken are considered hallucinations and can only be seen by a select few of the Atlantis personnel. {{Cite|SGA|Remnants}}

Known aliases of the A.I.

Vanessa Conrad

{{Quote|I'm a physical manifestation of your subconscious romantic and sexual ideals."<br>"...Oh god...|The A.I. and Richard Woolsey|Remnants}}
Dr. Vanessa Conrad is the A.I.'s representation of Richard Woolsey's desires in a person, both emotional and sexual. It appeared to him as a means of understanding the type of man he is, and whether or not to trust him. It attempted to convey the importance of the situation and appeal to his moral standards. It also helped him overcome his obligations to the International Oversight Advisory and oppose their decision to have Shen Xiaoyi replace him as Commander of the Atlantis expedition. In doing so, he also opposed Shen's decision to harvest the information within the seed carrier, effectively killing the biological components of the pod and ending all hope for the Sekkari. With the A.I.'s help, he was able to keep his position, and the seed carrier was left intact and sent with the Apollo to a suitable new homeworld. {{Cite|SGA|Remnants}}

Acastus Kolya

{{Quote|Are you saying I tortured myself?"<br>"You torture yourself everyday, John.|Sheppard and Kolya|Remnants}}
right|200px|thumb|Moments before John loses a hand.">right|200px|thumb|Moments before John loses a hand. The A.I. chose the form of Commander Acastus Kolya and appeared to Lt. Colonel John Sheppard as a representation of his darkest fears. Because the A.I. felt Sheppard, a military man, was the biggest threat to the success of the Sekkari mission, it took the form of Kolya, and other Genii soldiers, to distract him on the mainland. Here is where the A.I. was most active, altering Sheppard's perception of a Puddle Jumper, and of himself. First, Sheppard was knocked out and tied up. After releasing himself, he found the Puddle Jumper's systems completely destroyed. He was then recaptured by Kolya, and tortured to the point where his hand was severed to give the Genii access to Sheppard's Ancient Technology Activation gene. He then escaped a second time (with only one hand) and after killing a few Genii, was pushed by Kolya over the edge of a cliff. The A.I., unwilling to let Sheppard fall to his death, revealed itself and the fact that John's left hand was never actually cut off. With both hands, Sheppard was able to pull himself to safety. Because the A.I. only has limited control over the hallucinations of a person, Sheppard had control over the direction of everything that happened, including the torture and removal of his limb; his darkest fears manifesting themselves. All of this was necessary to keep Sheppard's mind active because the A.I. is incapable of maintaining a static illusion for much time. {{Cite|SGA|Remnants}}

Radek Zelenka

{{Quote|I wonder how long it's been down there. To think it would have remained undiscovered if we hadn't have...nice job on reconfiguring the sensors."<br>"Thank you. Nice job on the wild guess.| "A.I. Radek" and Rodney|Remnants}}
The A.I. chose the form of Dr. Radek Zelenka and appeared to Dr. Rodney McKay as a representation of his ego. The real Zelenka was off-world at the time, at a diplomatic event with Lt. Donovan's Donovan's Atlantis Reconnaissance Team|team. The A.I., in the form of Zelenka, explained his early return to McKay by telling him Donovan's team had suffered severe allergic reactions to the food that was served to them on the planet. He first appeared to McKay to ensure that the Atlantis expedition found the Sekkari seed carrier|seed carrier. Sure that the rising temperatures below Atlantis meant something, Zelenka wanted to investigate and persisted until McKay agreed. In actuality, the A.I. was ensuring McKay scanned the seabed to find the seed carrier. The A.I., in the form of Zelenka, then ensured that McKay would unlock the secrets of the pod by padding his ego, dropping subtle clues, and having him focus on the on-screen codes rather than the low levels of radiation being emitted from the carrier. {{Cite|SGA|Remnants}}

Luthor Dovelock

The A.I. appeared on Shen Xiaoyi's laptop as an International Oversight Advisory representative named Luthor Dovelock. He informed Shen that she was no longer being considered for Richard Woolsey's position. Unaware that she was being misled by the A.I., and rather than allow James Coolidge to take the position, she decided to give Woolsey a glowing review. Thus ensuring he remain Head of the Atlantis expedition. {{Cite|SGA|Remnants}}

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