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Sekkari seed carrier

Sekkari seed carrier

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|image=250px|A Sekkari Seed Carrier in [[Atlantis">250px|A Sekkari Seed Carrier in [[Atlantis]]
|name=Sekkari seed carrier
|function=Planet seeding
|control=Sekkari artificial intelligence|Artificial intelligence
{{Quote|That is the historical, scientific and technological records civilization, and if this device is any indication, a highly advanced one at that.|Meredith Rodney McKay|Rodney McKay about the Seed Carrier|Remnants}}
Sekkari seed carriers and their contents are all that is left of the Sekkari civilization, but are meant to remedy that fact. Realizing that the Sekkari would not be able to continue as a race, they spent what time they had left building and launching 50 of these devices into the Pegasus galaxy. They were designed to find suitable planets on which to "seed" with organisms that would evolve into a sentient race, and therefore life for the Sekkari could start again. Inside each carrier is all the knowledge of the Sekkari, including medical breakthroughs, information on what caused the Sekkari extinction, and the chemical building blocks of a silicon based life form. Once the new species had evolved enough to comprehend the device, they would then benefit from all the knowledge left for them inside the device by their ancestors. However, it only works in one order. Life must be seeded before the Sekkari database is accessed, as doing so causes irreparable damage to the biological aspect of the carrier. The device also emits low levels of radiation as a means of communicating via an Artificial Intelligence. According to the AI, the other seed carriers failed in their missions and the one found on M35-117, was the last hope for the Sekkari race. After appearing to Woolsey, Sheppard and McKay in various forms, the AI convinced everyone to transport the seed carrier to another suitable planet via the Apollo. {{Cite|Atlantis|Remnants}}

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