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{{Infobox Character |name=Serqet |image=250px">250px |race= Goa'uld |gender= Agender (Women-aligned) |born= |died= |rank= Personal Guard |home planet= Unknown |allegiances=Aset (Goa'uld)|Aset, Ra |appearances= "Stargate Origins" |actress= Michelle Jubilee Gonzalez }} Serqet is a highly respected Goa'uld warrior who serves as a personal guard to the governor of Abydos, Aset (Goa'uld)|Aset.


Rarely seen without the customized staff weapon that Aset created for her, Serqet's unique skillset allowed her to carve out a reputation for herself away from the mass military ranks of the Jaffa. Perhaps the only thing Serqet takes more seriously than her training is her passion for Goa’uld law and tradition. These abilities and characteristics drew the attention of the Supreme System Lord, Ra, who had been impressed with the results Serqet had achieved during a number of covert operations. Eventually, Ra would end up gifting Serqet to serve as a personal guard to Aset while she conducted her duties on Abydos. Fiercely loyal to the Goa’uld cause, Serqet gives herself fully to her commanders, a fact which has seen her strike up a strong bond with Aset. But, although Aset has nurtured this bond through gifts of weaponry and responsibility, there is an underlying tension between the pair. During their time together, Serqet has become increasingly frustrated with the many ways in which her commander is flying in the face of Goa’uld law. While she is willing to overlook some of these disgraces, the recent arrival of the harcesis child has been an affront that is hard to overcome.<ref>[https://www.stargatecommand.co/feeds/stargate-origins-character-intel-serqet Character Intel]</ref> She informed Ra of Aset (Goa'uld)|Aset's transgressions, of which he rectified immediately.




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