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Simeon was a male Human and a dangerous Lucian Alliance soldier. He was a seasoned criminal before being recruited by the Alliance.



When Commander Kiva's team invaded Destiny, Simeon was part of her crew. He served dutifully after Kiva was shot and Dannic took command. He questioned Colonel David Telford on the circumstances of the supposed ambush which ultimately resulted in Kiva's death, and did not appear convinced by Telford's story. Nevertheless, he did not make an issue of it. When Ginn shot Dannic, Simeon and the rest of the Alliance operatives were escorted to a detention room to have their fate determined by Colonel Everett Young. {{cite|SGU|Intervention}}
After the invasion, he and the other captured Lucian Alliance members were interviewed by Camile Wray to determine if they could prove useful. He was among the nine selected by the International Oversight Advisory and allowed to stay. {{cite|SGU|Aftermath}}
A short time later, he expressed displeasure to Colonel Everett Young's apparent intention to keep them locked up forever, which fell on deaf ears. After Varro's failed attempt at reasoning with Young, he smugly informed him "told you." Later, while receiving a medical checkup, he attempted to assault Lt. Tamara Johansen, but she was able to subdue him. {{cite|SGU|Awakening}}
After he was released under guard, he repeatedly came into conflict with MSgt. Ronald Greer who keeps trying to provoke him so he can lock him up again. He also tries to intimidate a few civilians including Dr. Lisa Park and Dr. Dale Volker, but fails. He reveals to Varro that he is lying when the crew questions him and is surprised to find out that Varro and the others are actually truly cooperating with Destiny's crew, not just stringing them along which Simeon knows they'll figure out soon. According to Varro, Simeon is from a rougher planet than most of the Alliance members still on board the ship and that influences his behavior. {{cite|SGU|Pathogen}}
thumb|left|200px|Rush about to kill Simeon">thumb|left|200px|Rush about to kill Simeon After the crew discovered the Destiny's Destiny Bridge|bridge, he confronted Dr. Amanda Perry, who was in Ginn's body at the time, and strangled her to death after she revealed to Homeworld Command that Simeon holds all the information they need about the attack on Earth. While fighting Dr. Nicholas Rush, Simeon reveals that the attack is apparently retalitory and that he wants it to happen as his own family was affected. After a battle with the Destiny crewmembers, Simeon is killed by Rush who causes a stampede, severely injuring him then executes him with a shot to the head. {{cite|SGU|The Greater Good|Malice|Hope}}


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  • **"Intervention"
  • **"Aftermath"
  • **"Awakening"
  • **"Pathogen"
  • **"The Greater Good"
  • **"Malice"
  • **"Resurgence" {{m}}
  • **"Hope" {{m}}
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