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{{Infobox Character |name=Skaara |image=250px">250px |race=Ascended Abydonian |home planet=Abydos |gender=Male |born= |died= |rank= |allegiances=
  • Abydonians
  • Goa'uld (as a host)
  • *Ra
  • * Apophis
  • **Klorel (as a host)
  • |appearances=Stargate (movie)|Stargate<br />Stargate SG-1 <small>(6 episodes)</small> |actor=Alexis Cruz }} Skaara was a boy living on the planet Abydos, the son of Kasuf and brother of Sha're.




    When the original team from Earth came to Abydos through the Stargate, Skaara met and befriended Colonel Jack O'Neill, whom he came to idolize and respect. When Dr. Daniel Jackson was being forced to execute O'Neill and his team, Skaara freed them by attacking the Horus Guards. While he and his friends sheltered Jack O'Neill|O'Neill and his team, Skaara came to develop a close relationship with O'Neill, seeing the colonel as a surrogate father figure, with Jack seeming to reciprocate by holding a fatherlike affection for Skaara. Later, he and the other Abydonians rebelled and killed the rest of the guards, gaining their freedom.


    When Colonel Jack O'Neill returned to Abydos, he stayed at the Abydos pyramid with Major Louis Ferretti while Dr. Daniel Jackson showed O'Neill the Cartouche. When Apophis arrived on Abydos, he and Sha're were kidnapped and taken to Chulak. Once there, he was made host to Apophis' son Klorel. {{Cite|SG1|Children of the Gods}}


    When Apophis and Klorel launched an attack of Earth, Klorel was shot with a Zat'nik'tel, or "zat-gun", and, for a time, the blast suppressed the Goa'uld. Skaara was able to talk to Colonel Jack O'Neill for a short time, and asked forgiveness for what he, under Klorel's control, was about to do. Later, when Klorel attempted to raise his shields, Skaara was able to stop him momentarily but Klorel ultimately overpowered him and raised the shield. Eventually, Apophis and Klorel escaped the ship by Stargate. {{Cite|SG1|Within the Serpent's Grasp|The Serpent's Lair}}


    When a Death Glider Klorel was piloting crashed on Tollana, Skaara managed to regain control and begged the Tollan (people)|Tollans for help. However, since Klorel refused to give up the body, the Tollans held a Triad to determine who had priority over the body. Skaara's archons were Colonel Jack O'Neill and Dr. Daniel Jackson while Klorel was defended by Zipacna|Lord Zipacna. Travell chaired the Triad while Lya served as neutral archon. The decision was eventually reached that Skaara had priority on the grounds that he would otherwise live as a slave and that life as a slave is not life at all. The Tok'ra were brought to Tollana and extracted Klorel. {{Cite|SG1|Pretense}}


    Skaara returned to Abydos. Several years later, he helped SG-1 find the Eye of Ra in the Abydos pyramid. He was later killed by Anubis' Jaffa, but he and the rest of the Abydonians Ascension|ascended with the help of Oma Desala. When SG-1 returned to Abydos to find out what happened, he explained how Anubis had destroyed the planet and Oma had ascended everyone. Skaara had not seen Daniel and tells SG-1 that they will not see him again for a long time before disappearing. {{Cite|SG1|Full Circle}}


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  • Stargate (movie)|Stargate
  • Stargate SG-1
  • *SG-1 Season 1|Season 1
  • **"Children of the Gods|Children of the Gods, Part 1"
  • **"Children of the Gods|Children of the Gods, Part 2"
  • **"The Enemy Within" {{m}}
  • **"The Broca Divide" {{m}}
  • **"The Nox" {{m}}
  • **"Thor's Hammer (episode)|Thor's Hammer" {{m}}
  • **"Politics" {{m}}
  • **"Within the Serpent's Grasp"
  • *SG-1 Season 2|Season 2
  • **"The Serpent's Lair"
  • *SG-1 Season 3|Season 3
  • **"Pretense"
  • *SG-1 Season 6|Season 6
  • **"Full Circle"
  • *SG-1 Season 8|Season 8
  • **"Citizen Joe" {{m}}
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  • Behind the scenes

  • Skaara and his father Kasuf, played by Erick Avari, are the only characters to be played by the same actors in the film and the series.
  • Although Kasuf was the father of both Skaara and Sha're in the film, his connection to Skaara is mostly overlooked in the TV series, in which he seems to have only a daughter, Sha're, with the exceptions of Skaara's mention of Daniel as his sister's husband in "Pretense" and Kinsey's mentions in "Politics" that the Goa'uld took "Dr. Jackson's wife and her brother," referring to the events of "Children of the Gods".
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