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Skirmish on the Alternate Achilles

Skirmish on the Alternate Achilles

{{Infobox Battle |prev=Mission to Abydos<ref>Stargate Origins</ref> |conc=Death of Ba'al on the Achilles<ref name="Continuum">{{Cite|Stargate: Continuum}}
</ref> |next=Battle of Ra's planet<ref name="Stargate"></ref> |name=Skirmish on the Alternate Achilles |image=Skirmish on the Alternate Achilles.jpg |conflict=Ba'al's Campaign<ref name="Continuum" /> |date=1939<ref name="Continuum" /> |place=Achilles, Earth in an Alternate timeline<ref name="Continuum" /> |result=
  • Goa'uld victory<ref name="Continuum" />
  • *Sinking of the Achilles<ref name="Continuum" />
  • *Disruption of the timeline<ref name="Continuum" />
  • |side1=Goa'uld<ref name="Continuum" /> |side2=Tau'ri<ref name="Continuum" /> |commanders1=System Lord Ba'al#Alternate timelines|Ba'al<ref name="Continuum" /> |commanders2=Captain Mitchell#Alternate timelines|Mitchell<ref name="Continuum" /> |forces1=
  • Jaffa Leader (Continuum)#Alternate timelines|Jaffa Leader<ref name="Continuum" />
  • Ba'al's Jaffa 1 (Continuum)#Alternate timelines|Ba'al's Jaffa 1<ref name="Continuum" />
  • Ba'al's Jaffa 2 (Continuum)#Alternate timelines|Ba'al's Jaffa 2<ref name="Continuum" />
  • |forces2=
  • Achilles crew<ref name="Continuum" />
  • *Bosun#Alternate timelines|Bosun<ref name="Continuum" />
  • *Achilles Communications Officer#Alternate timelines|Achilles Communications Officer<ref name="Continuum" />
  • *Achilles Crewman 1#Alternate timelines|Achilles Crewman 1<ref name="Continuum" />
  • *Achilles Crewman 2#Alternate timelines|Achilles Crewman 2<ref name="Continuum" />
  • *Achilles Crewman 3#Alternate timelines|Achilles Crewman 3<ref name="Continuum" />
  • |casual1=None<ref name="Continuum" /> |casual2=All hands<ref name="Continuum" /> }} The Skirmish on the Alternate Achilles was an attack by Ba'al#Alternate timelines|Ba'al on the ocean freighter Achilles in an alternate timeline.




    thumb|left|200px|Skirmish on the Alternate Achilles">thumb|left|200px|Skirmish on the Alternate Achilles Ba'al#Alternate timelines|Ba'al uses the Solar observation outpost on Praxyon to travel back in time to 1939 through the Stargate to change time using a solar flare. The Achilles is an ocean freighter captained by Mitchell#Alternate timelines|Mitchell (Colonel Cameron Mitchell's grandfather), that is carrying the Alpha Gate from Africa to the United States of America before the outbreak of World War II. At the time it was zig-zaging across the Atlantic Ocean|North Atlantic to evade U-boats and was near the North Pole. Ba'al and three Jaffa arrive and the activation of the Stargate vaporizes the Bosun#Alternate timelines|Bosun. Ba'al has his Jaffa kill the entire crew of the ship despite their best attempts to escape and fight back and then plants a Naquadah bomb to destroy the Stargate in order to stop the Tau'ri from being able to stop him in the future. The entire crew is killed and Captain Mitchell is mortally wounded by the time that Ba'al and his Jaffa escape through the Stargate leaving behind the activated bomb. The Captain manages to toss the bomb overboard through the hole made by the activation of the Stargate where it detonates harmlessly in the ocean, but he dies at some point later and the Achilles becomes trapped in the ice of the North Pole leaving the US without a Stargate in the future.<ref name="Continuum" />




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