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Skirmish with Tanith

Skirmish with Tanith

{{Infobox Battle |prev=SG-1's attack on Apophis' Battleship<ref>{{cite|SG1|Upgrades}}
</ref> |conc= |next=Za'tarc incursion<ref>{{cite|SG1|Divide and Conquer}}
</ref> |name=Skirmish with Tanith |image=Tanith.jpg |conflict=
  • Tau'ri-Goa'uld War<ref name="Crossroads">{{Cite|SG1|Crossroads}}
  • Tok'ra insurgency<ref name="Crossroads"/>
  • |date=2000<ref name="Crossroads"/> |place=
  • Earth<ref name="Crossroads"/>
  • Vorash<ref name="Crossroads"/>
  • |result= |side1=
  • Tau'ri<ref name="Crossroads"/>
  • Tok'ra<ref name="Crossroads"/>
  • |side2=Goa'uld Empire<ref name="Crossroads"/> |commanders1=
  • Colonel Jack O'Neill<ref name="Crossroads"/>
  • Anise<ref name="Crossroads"/>
  • |commanders2=Tanith<ref name="Crossroads"/> |forces1=
  • Major Samantha Carter<ref name="Crossroads"/>
  • Dr. Daniel Jackson<ref name="Crossroads"/>
  • Teal'c<ref name="Crossroads"/>
  • Shan'auc<ref name="Crossroads"/>
  • |forces2= |casual1=Shan'auc<ref name="Crossroads"/> |casual2= }} The Skirmish with Tanith was an event that took place in 2000 during the Tau'ri-Goa'uld War.




    thumb|left|200px|[[Shan'auc">thumb|left|200px|[[Shan'auc overcome.]] Shan'auc is sent to Stargate Command by Bra'tac where she asks to be taken to the Tok'ra claiming that she has information that could destroy the Goa'uld. Shan'auc explains that through a deep state of kelno'reem she has been able to communicate with her symbiote and convince it that the Goa'uld are evil. The symbiote wishes to join the Tok'ra and reveal all the secrets of the Goa'uld, but can only do so by taking a host as it communicates only through images and feelings with Shan'auc. However, the symbiote has reached beyond the point that it must take a host and when Major General George S. Hammond refuses to take Shan'auc to the Tok'ra, the symbiote briefly emerges before she calms it and passes out. In the Stargate Command infirmary|infirmary, Dr. Janet Fraiser confirms that the symbiote is fully mature and will soon have to take a host and that Shan'auc's immune system is breaking down as a result. After Teal'c is allowed to speak to Shan'auc alone, she explains that one day as she meditated with other temple priestesses, she heard her symbiote's thoughts and reached out to it, getting grotesque images of pain in return at which time she realized that it was a powerful mind but not that of a god as the Goa'uld led their followers to believe. She then dedicated her life to convincing the symbiote that the Goa'uld are an abomination and believes that she has succeeded in that. However, Teal'c, SG-1 and Hammond are reluctant to trust her despite the fact that the symbiote's knowledge could be very valuable to them. thumb|right|200px|[[Ronac">thumb|right|200px|[[Ronac the father of Teal'c.]] In order to test Shan'auc's story, Teal'c enters a deep state of kelno'reem himself and Junior|his symbiote shares with him a vision of Ronac|his father's death at Cronus' hands, proving that Shan'auc is telling the truth about being able to communicate with her symbiote in such a way. As a result, SG-1 summons Anise to the SGC to discuss letting Shan'auc's symbiote join the Tok'ra. Anise explains that with the Tok'ra Goa'uld Queen|Queen Egeria dead, the offer is appealing as there are no new Tok'ra being born and she promises to discuss it with the Tok'ra High Council. Freya also promises to try and find a new symbiote for Shan'auc so that she doesn't have to die. While they wait for the Tok'ra's decision, Shan'auc tries to convince Teal'c to keep trying the same method with his own symbiote in order to continue her work. Teal'c becomes excited at the idea of turning Goa'uld symbiotes against their race this way and later tells Dr. Daniel Jackson that he plans to aid Shan'auc in teaching others to turn their symbiotes on the Goa'uld and take up her work if she dies. thumb|left|200px|[[Shan'auc">thumb|left|200px|[[Shan'auc's body.]] The Tok'ra decide to allow Shan'auc's symbiote to join them and SG-1 and Shan'auc travel to Vorash for the implantation to take place. There Anise leads them to the chosen host, Hebron, after telling them that one of the Tok'ra operatives secured Shan'auc a new symbiote. As Shan'auc and SG-1 meet Hebron, the symbiote emerges and they are forced to allow the implantation immediately despite the fact that the Tok'ra aren't ready yet. The symbiote enters Hebron through the neck and has Anise take Shan'auc to get her new symbiote before introducing himself as Tanith and pledging his loyalty to the Tok'ra. Later, Anise informs SG-1 that the implantation of Shan'auc's new symbiote was successful and while she is still very weak, she will likely survive. When Tanith enters, a suspicious Colonel Jack O'Neill asks to speak to Hebron to prove that Tanith is telling the truth and Tanith gives control to Hebron who tells them that Shan'auc was right about Tanith who is willing to undertake any test necessary to prove that Hebron is able to freely speak. However, when SG-1 asks Tanith for some of his knowledge on the Goa'uld, Anise stops them, saying that Tanith joined the Tok'ra and not the SGC but that the Tok'ra will only share the knowledge they feel is useful to their Tau'ri-Tok'ra Treaty|alliance with Earth. As a furious O'Neill confronts Anise over this, Shan'auc is able to meet Tanith in person for the first time and is excited to actually speak to him face-to-face. As SG-1 leaves, Teal'c makes plans to leave with Shan'auc and return to Chulak to spread word of what Shan'auc had done to all Jaffa. As SG-1 leave the base, Shan'auc visits Tanith who reveals he tricked her to infiltrate the Tok'ra and is still loyal to the Goa'uld. He then proceeds to kill Shan'auc by crushing her new symbiote. thumb|right|200px|[[Teal'c">thumb|right|200px|[[Teal'c is restrained.]] Teal'c later informs SG-1 of his intention to leave Earth to help Shan'auc with her efforts to turn more Goa'uld symbiotes against their species. However, as they discuss it, the Tok'ra come to Earth with Shan'auc's body and Anise explains that she was found outside her quarters that apparently her symbiote was too young when it was implanted and died, killing her as well. As Teal'c is in kelno'reem later, his symbiote once again shares with him the memory of his father's murder at Cronus' hands to demonstrate Goa'uld superiority and hatred and he realizes Shan'auc was murdered the same way. Following Teal'c's vision, tests are performed on Shan'auc and Goa'uld blood is found on her hands and in her bloodstream, confirming Teal'c's vision. SG-1 returns to Vorash to reveal to Anise what he has discovered and so he can kill Tanith in revenge. Anise refuses to let Teal'c get his revenge and has five Tok'ra restrain him when he tries anyway. When O'Neill suggests extracting Tanith from Hebron, Anise refuses, telling them that Tanith will be more valuable to them if he is left alone. O'Neill realizes that the Tok'ra knew and Freya confirms it, saying they'd suspected but only after Shan'auc's death, having truly hoped her efforts were successful before that. Freya explains that the Tok'ra hope to let Tanith believe he has succeeded in fooling them and then use him to spread disinformation to the Goa'uld, believing that if they control what Tanith sees and hears, they can use it to their advantage in the war with the Goa'uld for months. When Tanith is no longer of any value, the Tok'ra will extract Goa'uld secrets from him in other ways and then extract Tanith from Hebron. While Teal'c agrees not to kill Tanith, he visits him to see Tanith for himself and know that Shan'auc's death wouldn't be in vain, promising an oblivious Tanith that they would meet again.<ref name="Crossroads"/>




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