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Stun weapon

Stun weapon

Stun weapon is the name of several devices;
file:Lantean stunner.png|thumb|A Lantean style Stun weapon.
  • The Lantean stun weapon used by the crew of the Aurora.
  • The Ori stun weapon worn on the wrists of members of the Ori army.
  • The Stun weapon of P4M-328 used by the soldiers of P4M-328.
  • The Ursini stunner used by the Ursini security team
  • The Tollan sidearm used by Tollan (people)|Tollan security forces
  • Any of the Wraith Wraith stunner|stunner weapons
  • The Zat'nik'tel used by the Tau'ri, SG-1, Tok'ra, Goa'uld, Jaffa army's, created by the Goa'uld
  • The Intar used in Jaffa training functions as a stun weapon.
  • The Plasma pistol used by the Vanir soldiers
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