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Subspace prison

Subspace prison

{{Infobox Technology
|name=Subspace prison
|manufacturer=People of BP6-314
|designer=People of BP6-314
|size=12 meters
|power=Liquid Naquadah
|affiliation=People of BP6-314
{{Quote|I am Enrros of the Lantean scientific team……we…we have been observing the beacon for…I don't remember how long…but I believe it is a prison to keep THEM out. Out of our existence. Out of my head…(laugh).|Enrros|Mechanicus}}
The Subspace prison, also called the Beacon, is a prison made by the People of BP6-314 to imprison the Old Ones.


The subspace prison is diamond-shaped and twelve meters tall. It floats one meter above ground and it rotates. Looking at the device is difficult. Those that observe it can fall into a trance, unable to take their eyes off the glowing device, lose track of time, or get a headache. Inside of the device are non-Euclidean geometric shapes constantly moving and changing. The device is located in a vast tomb on BP6-314.


{{Quote|There's something oddly familiar about this object.|General P.K. Loyer|Mechanicus}}
Long ago the civilization of BP6-314 used the subspace prison to imprison powerful entities from another dimension who feed on psychic energy. They called these entities "Old Ones". The entities spent eons waiting and planning their escape and slowly tore away at the walls of their subspace prison. Hundreds of thousands of years after the civilization of BP6-314 died off, a pair of Lantean scientists discovered the prison and studied it. However, the more they understood it the more influence the Old Ones on the "Other-side" had on them. The Old Ones influenced the Ancients to free them but also drove them mad. By this point, the prison was almost out of power. To keep the entities in their subspace prison, the Lantean science team created a Power Booster Device|booster, however before they could install the Liquid Naquadah powered device as another power source, they killed each other. At some point, Phoenix Site dialed BP6-314 and a M.A.L.P. was sent through. Those in the control room could observe the Subspace prison on the monitors. General P.K. Loyer was most affected by the device and fell into a minor trance, watching it agape and caressing the monitor. When he was snaped out of the trance he remarked that there was something oddly familiar about the object. After regaining his senses, he ordered the stargate disconnected, however they were unable to due to the growing power surge that came back through the stargate. It was determined that in twenty-four hours the gate system would completely overload. The General ordered a Phoenix team to shut it off or destroy it. Instead, the team could attempt to install the Ancient's device to return the prison to full power. {{Cite|RPG2|Mechanicus}}


  • The subspace prison could be seen in the Stargate Roleplaying Game Kickstarter video.
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