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{{Infobox Character
|race=Cicero's people
|home planet=P4M-328
|allegiances=Cicero's people
|appearances=Stargate SG-1<br>
  • "Bad Guys"
  • |actor=Haley Beauchamp }} Sylvana is a female Human from the planet P4M-328.



    In 2007, she attended a reception in a Cicero's Museum|museum on 328. When SG-1 came to the planet through the Stargate, she was trapped in the museum when its security system was activated. She was interested in Heren whom had been off with Varina, and had a fight with her over him, but Dr. Daniel Jackson told them to stop. Sylvana said she knew that SG-1 were not rebels and they all knew it. {{Cite|SG1|Bad Guys}}

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