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System Lord Summit

System Lord Summit

{{Infobox Battle |prev=
  • Raid on NID safehouse<ref name="48 Hours">{{cite|SG1|48 Hours}}
  • Escape from Memphis<ref name="48 Hours"/>
  • |conc=Battle of Revanna<ref name="Summit">{{cite|SG1|Summit}}
    </ref> |next=Fail Safe incident<ref>{{cite|SG1|Fail Safe}}
    </ref> |name=System Lord Summit |image=System Lord Summit.png |conflict=
  • Tau'ri-Goa'uld war<ref name="Summit"/>
  • Tok'ra insurgency<ref name="Summit"/>
  • |date=2002<ref name="Summit"/> |place=
  • Hasara system<ref name="Summit"/>
  • *Hasara space station<ref name="Summit"/>
  • |result=Return of Anubis to the ranks of the System Lords<ref name="Last Stand">{{cite|SG1|Last Stand}}
    </ref> |side1=
  • Tau'ri<ref name="Summit"/>
  • Tok'ra<ref name="Summit"/>
  • |side2=Goa'uld Empire<ref name="Summit"/> |commanders1=
  • Jacob Carter/Selmak<ref name="Summit"/>
  • Dr. Daniel Jackson<ref name="Summit"/>
  • |commanders2=System Lords<ref name="Summit"/> |forces1=
  • 1 Tel'tak<ref name="Summit"/>
  • *Selmak's Tel'tak<ref name="Summit"/>
  • Escape pod<ref name="Last Stand"/>
  • |forces2=
  • Many Goa'uld System Lords, including:<ref name="Summit"/>
  • *Ba'al<ref name="Summit"/>
  • *Bastet<ref name="Summit"/>
  • *Kali<ref name="Summit"/>
  • *Morrigan<ref name="Summit"/>
  • *Olokun<ref name="Summit"/>
  • *Osiris<ref name="Summit"/>
  • *Svarog<ref name="Summit"/>
  • *Yu-huang Shang Ti<ref name="Summit"/>
  • Lo'taurs<ref name="Summit"/>
  • *Ba'al's lo'taur<ref name="Summit"/>
  • |casual1= |casual2= }} The System Lord Summit was an operation conducted by Jacob Carter/Selmak and Dr. Daniel Jackson to infiltrate a meeting of the High Council of System Lords. It occurred alongside and at exactly the same time with the Battle of Revanna with both events taking place in 2002.


    The deaths of Cronus and Apophis at the hands of SG-1 created a power vacuum in the Goa'uld Empire that the remaining System Lords attempted to exploit. After several months of fighting amongst themselves, the System Lords had all suffered heavy losses and expended an enormous amount of resources but declared a truce and set a meeting of the High Council of System Lords. The Tok'ra Ren'al arrived at Stargate Command and proposed that Dr. Daniel Jackson go undercover as the Lo'taur of Yu-huang Shang Ti using the Reol chemical and assassinate all the Goa'uld in attendance with the Symbiote poison the Tok'ra had created. SG-1 agreed and traveled to Revanna with SG-17. After a briefing, Jackson and Jacob Carter/Selmak took a Selmak's Tel'tak|Tel'tak to P3X-042.<ref name="Summit"/>


    After arriving on P3X-042 and entering Yu-huang Shang Ti's palace, Dr. Daniel Jackson shot Jarren with a Zat'nik'tel. He entered Yu's chambers and pricked Yu with the ring containing the Reol chemical. After convincing Yu that he wa his Lo'taur Jarren, Jackson and Yu traveled by Tel'tak to the Hasara space station. Upon entering the meeting room, Yu warned Jackson about the other System Lords, stating that even though they had the potential to be Yu's allies, they were not to be trusted. Ba'al approached them with Ba'al and Yu both discussing the losses they had both sustained at the hands of an unseen enemy. Jackson found a place to hide and contacted Jacob Carter with his Short range communicator and tells him that he had to wait to release the Symbiote poison because an unknown guest had yet to arrive. The meeting began with a discussion on the attacks by the unknown enemy when Osiris arrived. During another break in the meeting, Jackson informed Jacob of Osiris's presence when Osiris entered the room. Osiris demanded to know what Jackson was doing but Jackson uses the ring with the reol chemical on him and convinced him he was Jarren, Yu's servant and Osiris leaves. Jacob urges Jackson to release the poison but Jackson wished to attempt to save Sarah Gardner who had fallen victim to Osiris.<ref name="Summit"/> The meeting resumes and Osiris requested an official seat on the council as the representative of Anubis. Jackson informed Jacob and they agreed not to use the poison as it would give Anubis control over the entire Goa'uld Empire. Jackson stayed in order to learn more and returned to Yu's chambers where Yu was meeting with Osiris. Osiris promised Yu that if he voted to accept Anubis back into the System Lords, Anubis would destroy Earth. Jackson updated Jacob and then returns to the meeting room. The System Lords voted to allow Anubis back and then ate live symbiotes. Osiris tells the System Lords that Anubis planned to destroy the Tok'ra. Jackson informed Jacob and lured Osiris to Yu's Tel'tak. Osiris walks into the cargo hold and Jackson ran in to close the doors. Jackson walked backwards, only to be knocked down by Yu. Yu opens the doors and was stabbed by Osiris. Jackson tried to run to the escape pod, but was grabbed by Osiris and thrown backward. He grabbed him by the neck, and placed the dagger at his throat. Yu attacked Osiris and Jackson entered an escape pod.<ref name="Last Stand"/>


    Jacob Carter/Selmak and Dr. Daniel Jackson returned to Revanna and were shot down by Death Gliders. In order to kill the Jaffa guarding the Stargate, Lantash in the body of Lt. Kevin Elliot releases the Symbiote poison with the effect killing both Elliot and Lantash.<ref name="Last Stand"/> Despite being stabbed by Osiris, Yu-huang Shang Ti managed to survive and began to war with Anubis.<ref>{{cite|SG1|Revelations}}


  • Stargate SG-1
  • *SG-1 Season 5|Season 5
  • **"Summit"
  • **"Last Stand"
  • **"The Warrior" {{m}}
  • *SG-1 Season 9|Season 9
  • **"Company of Thieves" {{m}}
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