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|home planet=Lord Protector's Planet
|allegiances=Lord Protector
|appearances=Stargate: Atlantis<br>
  • "The Tower"
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    Tavius is a male Human and member of the royal house within the Tower City-ship on the Lord Protector's Planet in the Pegasus galaxy. He was the son of the Lord Protector and a brother to Mara. Tavius eventually became the new Lord Protector.


    Background information

    In the far, distant past, at least one Ancient became an ancestor in Tavius's family line, passing down the Ancient Technology Activation gene to him. {{Cite|SGA|The Tower}}


    Tavius conspired with Otho to end his father's reign early. In exchange for the title of Lord Protector, Tavius would give Mara to Otho in marriage. However, Otho broke their agreement when he was given an Ancient Technology Activation gene therapy vial from Lt. Colonel John Sheppard. Instead of ascending to the throne himself, Otho took his place. Meanwhile, Dr. Rodney McKay, in the catacombs below the tower, drained the Zero Point Module powering the chair and ended any future rule by the Lord Protectors. When Sheppard and Beckett managed to escape with Mara's help, Beckett locked him up again. Presumably he was charged for his crimes and sent to prison afterwards. {{Cite|atl|The Tower}}


    Tavis arose to become the new Lord Protector. Despite not having full control of the Tower, he still had dominion over the planet's army, thus making his ascension possible. When the Atlantis expedition returned he allowed them to salvage a control crystal from the Tower, but was disappointed that Control chair would not be operational. It was only until the Unknown Alien|aliens attack did Sheppard surprise him that the device had power. He and his people were evacuated to the Daedalus when the aliens began to lay siege to the Tower. On board he demanded compensation for the damages he suffered and was escorted to the guest quarters. {{cite|SGA|Gateways 1|Gateways 2}}
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