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Thalan's people

Thalan's people

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{{Infobox Race |race=Thalan's people |image=250px">250px |species=Humans |dist= |origin=Thalan's world |lang=English |govt= |alliances= |status=Extinct |appearance="The Long Goodbye" }} Thalan's people are an extinct civilization that was wiped out by Phoebus' people presumably several thousand years ago.


Both cultures had fought against each other for many years. The only survivor of this war was Thalan, who was kept alive in a Stasis pod in the Kohal system after a battle with Phoebus. After being brought to Atlantis in 2006, Thalan and Phoebus sought to continue this war for their people by taking control of both Col. John Sheppard and Dr. Elizabeth Weir respectively in hopes of finally ending their long battle. However, both sides eventually lost as the bodies they had taken control later convulsed, resulting in both alien consciousness being expelled completely which meant that they had failed to win the war. {{Cite|ATL|The Long Goodbye}}

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