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Thor's O'Neill

Thor's O'Neill

{{up|O'Neill-class ship}}
{{Infobox Spaceship |image=250px">250px {{caption|Thor's O'neill above Prometheus.}}
|imageBG= |name=O'Neill-class ship |hidep= |manufacturer=Asgard |designer= |class= |cost= |hidet= |length= |width= |height= |max accel= |mglt= |max speed= |engine=
  • Sublight engine|Sublight drive
  • Asgard hyperdrive
  • |fuel=Naquadria |hdsystem=Asgard hyperdrive|Intergalactic |poweroutput= |power=Neutrino-ion generators |hull=Naquadah / Carbon / Trinium composite |shield gen=Asgard shield|Asgard shielding system |target= |control=Asgard stones |navigation= |avionics= |countermeasures=
  • Self-destruct
  • Explosion suppression system|Explosion Suppression System
  • |armament=4 Ion guns |complement= |crew= |skeleton=None |passengers= |capacity= |othersystems=Asgard transporter|Transporter arrays
  • 5 primary
  • 10 secondary
  • |hideu= |role=Warship |firstuse= |affiliation=Asgard }} Thor|Thor's O'Neill-class ship was Asgard Supreme Commander Thor's penultimate flagship.


    Following the rescue of his subconscious by Jacob Carter and SG-1 from Anubis' Ha'tak after the events above Heimdall's lab, Thor took command of an O'Neill-class ship. {{Cite|SG1|Revelations|Descent}}
    After a few months the Asgard sent Thor in his new ship to assist SG-1 and Prometheus, which had become stranded in space. Thor told them about the recent development in the Asgard-Replicator war and the situation on the Asgard planet Hala. Eventually he asked SG-1 to help the Asgard destroy the Replicators once and for all. He then used his ship to bring the Prometheus back to Earth and transported several materials to the ship, before setting course to the Asgard home galaxy. After arriving there the Prometheus continued its way alone into Replicator controlled space. {{Cite|SG1|Prometheus|Unnatural Selection}}
    It is possible that Thor used his O'Neill class ship to transport himself to a secret meeting involving certain nations about the Stargate Program and the technologies procured over the years. {{Cite|SG1|Disclosure}}
    At an unknown point of time after the talks on Earth and the Replicators escaping the Time dilation|time dilation field, Thor switched from the O'Neill class to an Asgard science vessel, the Daniel Jackson (spaceship)|Daniel Jackson. It is unknown if Thor chose to change to this class or if the Asgard High Council decided this. {{Cite|SG1|New Order, Part 1|New Order, Part 2}}
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