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Tok'ra Councilor

Tok'ra Councilor

A Tok'ra Councilor is an individual that serves of the Tok'ra High Council.


Tok'ra Councilors were the leaders of their kind against the Goa'uld and remained in the scattered underground bases of their race where they coordinated their species activities against the Goa'uld Empire. They were charged with the survival of the Tok'ra and would often ensured that the status quo was maintained. They also ensured that risks that resulted in the death of their kind were not taken. {{Cite|RPG|Friends and Foes: Stargate Season Two}}
Only one Tok'ra Supreme High Councilor is known to have existed, Per'sus, who was almost killed by a Za'tarc during a meeting with the President of the United States|President. {{Cite|SG1|Divide and Conquer}}
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