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Tomin (Orbanian)

Tomin (Orbanian)

{{Infobox Character|
name= Tomin|
race= Orbanian |
gender= Male |
rank= None, formerly Urrone|
home planet= Orban|
allegiances= Orbanians |
appearances= Stargate SG-1<br>
  • "Learning Curve" |
  • actor= Lachlan Murdoch | }} Tomin was an Orbanian Urrone and the son of Kalan.



    He was assigned to gather information on the Goa'uld from Teal'c. After learning of the threat the Goa'uld posed he asked his father if he could take his Averium early so his people could properly prepare. Though he was reduced to an infantile mental state after his Averium, his father later declared that he would be re-taught in the conventional way. {{cite|SG1|Learning Curve}}

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