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Traveler energy weapon

Traveler energy weapon

|For the Traveler pistol, see particle magnum.
{{Infobox Weapon |name=Traveler energy weapon |image=250px">250px |manufacturer=Travelers |designer= |model= |type=Energy weapon |cost= |discharge=Energy bolts |control=Command bridge chair |power= |size= |weight= |range= |affiliation=Travelers }} The Travelers use a type of energy weapon on their Traveler generational ship|generational ships. These weapons fire bright red bolts at a high rate; the discharge resembles the blasts of the Travelers' particle magnum handgun. They appear capable of destroying Vanir spaceships fairly easily and damaging the hulls of Asuran Aurora-class battleship|Aurora-class battleships, but seem to be less effective against the shields of the latter. After the Battle of M6H-987, Katana Labrea's Katana Labrea's ship|ship used the energy weapon to easily raze Janus' research outpost and the Attero device. {{Cite|ATL|The Lost Tribe|Be All My Sins Remember'd}}

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