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{{Infobox Character
|home planet=
|rank=First Prime
|allegiances=Heru'ur, Hathor
|appearances=Stargate SG-1<br>
  • "Out of Mind"<br>*"Into the Fire"
  • |actor=Tom Butler }} Trofsky was a Jaffa who once served under Heru'ur. After he was exiled to see out his career on a distant outpost, he defected to Hathor, becoming her First Prime. Under Hathor, he posed as the new commander of Stargate Command in an elaborate set-up to make Colonel Jack O'Neill, Dr. Daniel Jackson, and Captain Samantha Carter think that they were seventy-nine years in the future and to reveal their knowledge of the SGC. Trofsky led the interrogations, and once Hathor's ruse was discovered, he led the Jaffa troops to protect the Stargate from SG teams who had come to rescue SG-1. Trofsky was killed during the rescue by Bra'tac.


    Background information

    Once a Horus Guard in the service of Heru'ur, Trofsky received the same military education as the rest of his generation. He was, however, unable to accumulate any significant victories for his god and so was exiled to a distant outpost in Heru'ur's domain. Sentenced to live out the rest of his life in misery, Trofsky spent a decade in this routine service without any action, honor, or change; these very traits left him ripe for the picking when Hathor visited the planet after she was freed from imprisonment. Having explored several other worlds within Heru'ur's territory, Hathor decided that Trofsky was the most competent officer within his ranks whom Heru'ur would not miss. As such, she offered him the opportunity to become her new First Prime. Trofsky was immediately overwhelmed both with gratitude and by Hathor's mesmerizing charisma, and so left the service of Heru'ur, pledging his allegiance to Hathor, taking with him five thousand of Heru'ur's troops who were equally willing to defect for a chance to gain both glory and honor. Trofsky himself soon became smitten with Hathor, and it was this very love that compromised his military judgment. Willing to follow Hathor's orders without question, Trofsky was prone to making tactical mistakes which could very well result in defeat. When left to his own initiative, however, Trofsky was a very competent Prime despite being unable to adapt to new circumstances very well. By the time that Hathor managed to capture SG-1, Trofsky had reached the age of 110 and would soon have been approaching the end of his military career had he stayed loyal to Heru'ur. These many years of experience made him a skilled, though uninspired, tactician who relied more on armament and weaponry than new tactical maneuvers or trickery to give him the upper hand. In battles, Trofsky was known to dig in and order the Jaffa under his command to fight to the last man if they were outnumbered or out-maneuvered. With Hathor, Trofsky truly believed that he was participating in the foundation of a glorious new empire and as such, would have supported Hathor over any and all dissenters. Despite this, there were others among Hathor's ranks such as Levan who considered themselves to be more worthy for Hathor's love than Trofsky himself. {{Cite|RPG|Living Gods: Stargate System Lords}}


    thumb|left|Trofsky in disguise.">thumb|left|Trofsky in disguise. When Hathor build her mock Stargate Command on the planet Eskal, Trofsky was given the fake rank of Major General and command of this "future" SGC. Hathor's underlings were able to capture SG-1, though they left Teal'c behind, and brought them to Trofsky's SGC. Pretending it was the year 2077, Hathor's underlings split the Tau'ri into separate rooms so that they would not be aware that the rest of their team was alive, placing them all in Stasis pod|cryogenic storage tubes. Trofsky, along with Dr. Sarah Raully, another of Hathor's underlings revived first Colonel Jack O'Neill in order to extract information from him. Claiming that it was the year 2077, Trofsky explained that everyone that O'Neill once knew was now dead and he had been frozen in stasis by an unknown race during his last mission through the Stargate before being sent back to Earth. He further expanded on the story by informing O'Neill it had taken them 79 years to reach a point where they could successfully unfreeze him. Once O'Neill had successfully recovered from the effects of the tube, Trofsky took him on a tour of this new SGC and informed him that there were now 28 SG teams, including ten who were stationed on off-world colonies, and that their planet was now fighting an extended war against the Goa'uld which they were slowly losing. In order to access O'Neill's memories, Trofsky informed him that they hoped his knowledge would lead them to the ones who had placed him in stasis, as they had obviously been technologically advanced. O'Neill soon agreed to using a memory recall device which Trofsky informed him was a gift from a Tok'ra/Tau'ri alliance which was meant to help him recall the hours leading up to his hibernation. The device was attached to a screen, allowing both Raully and Trofsky to see O'Neill's memories of advanced civilizations: the Nox, Asgard among them although O'Neill soon became exhausted and had to rest. Trofsky and Raully allowed O'Neill to rest, leaving him alone. thumb|right|Trofsky in the fake SGC.">thumb|right|Trofsky in the fake SGC. While O'Neill slept, Trofsky and Raully performed the same tasks with first Dr. Daniel Jackson and then Captain Samantha Carter too. Carter informed the two, through the memory recall device, of how SG-1 were able to stop Apophis' Apophis' attack on Earth|attack on Earth, with Jackson explaining how they had dealt with their encounters with other Goa'uld such as Sokar, Heru'ur, and Hathor herself. When each of them became fatigued they too were put back to sleep, every member of the team remaining oblivious of the others' survival. Trofsky and Raully went back to O'Neill, who slowly reawakened without their knowledge by stopping the flow of sedatives going into his body. As they were oblivious to his weakened state, they spoke to each other in the Goa'uld language which he was able to hear. Immediately knowing something was wrong, O'Neill waited until Trofsky and Raully left him alone before making his escape. O'Neill was able to free the other members of his team before being detected, and the group made it to the faux embarkation room without being captured. Once there, however, they were met by Hathor who had been using a personal cloaking device. Trofsky soon entered the room along with Raully and several other Horus Guards and Serpent Guards, trapping the Tau'ri in the room. Trofsky stood guard while Hathor explained her reasons behind interrogating the group; after being imprisoned for so long, she was unaware of the status of the Goa'uld Empire. Though she offered them lives of luxury in exchange for information, SG-1 refused and so were informed that a member of their team would simply be implanted with a Goa'uld symbiote so that Hathor would get the information. {{Cite|SG1|Out of Mind}}
    thumb|left|Trofsky with Hathor.">thumb|left|Trofsky with Hathor. Though O'Neill was chosen to be the host, other members of the Tau'ri soon arrived to rescue them. As such, Trofsky was tasked with destroying the intruders. Upon entering the Goa'uld portion of the compound, Trofsky and his Jaffa were attacked by SG teams. Though Trofsky was able to get off a few shots with his Zat'nik'tel, he soon ordered a retreat. No longer needing his Tau'ri disguise, Trofsky quickly changed into his battle armor and took his troops to the Stargate in order to cut off the Tau'ri's retreat. There he stayed, behind a shield, while Sentry gun posts attacked the Tau'ri. Trofsky noticed SG-1 fleeing into underground Tok'ra tunnels and informed his god of this move, also letting her know that they must have a spy within their midst. Hathor soon informed him, however, that the Tok'ra spy had been dealt with; it was Raully who had freed O'Neill of his symbiote. Trofsky was ordered to stay at the Stargate in order to stop the Tau'ri from fleeing the planet. While performing this duty, Trofksy witnessed the Stargate being activated. While active, he noticed that the MALP which had been sent through previously started moving and so shot it with his Zat'nik'tel, frying its circuits and cutting off communication between the real SGC and the SG teams trapped on the planet. Trofsky's troops, meanwhile, entered the Tok'ra tunnels and were able to capture all but Carter and O'Neill who were busy planting explosives on the shield generator. The Tau'ri were then brought before Trofsky, who knew that Carter was still alive. As such, he ordered her to reveal herself or he would kill her friends. thumb|right|Trofsky in his full armor.">thumb|right|Trofsky in his full armor. O'Neill, pretending that Hathor had implanted him with a Goa'uld, went down to meet with Trofsky. Though he was able to speak some basic Goa'uld, O'Neill was unable to respond to Trofsky's reply and so his ruse was blown. Luckily for the Tau'ri, Teal'c and Major General George S. Hammond took that opportunity to come through the Stargate in a Needle Threader while Carter blew up the explosives they had placed on the shield generator. O'Neill quickly shot Trofsky, though his armor protected him, before Trofsky was able to fire on the Needle Threader. Bra'tac, along with several other Jaffa, took that moment to come through the Stargate also. Though Trofsky turned to fire on them, he was too slow and was slain by a shot from Bra'tac's staff weapon. {{Cite|SG1|Into the Fire}}




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