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Tuat (Kaliam)

Tuat (Kaliam)

{{Infobox Planet |name=Tuat |image=250px|Goa'uld base on Tuat">250px|Goa'uld base on Tuat{{Caption|A Cheops class warship on Tuat}}
|hidea= |address= |point of origin= |galaxy=Kaliam |hides= |race=Human |tech= |interest=Goa'uld base |domination=Ra |hideo= |appearances=Stargate: Rebellion 2 |}} Tuat is a planet on the Kaliam galaxy which is location for the Tuat Goa'uld base. The planet has been ruled by Ra for a long time. His lieutenants even established the planet as their neutral ground for their high council. It was visited by Hathor (comics)|Hathor upon Ra's death. The planet is known for suffering a natural phenomenon similar to Earthquake|earthquakes called a Tuat-quake.{{cite|Stargate: Rebellion 2}}
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