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Uncharted star

Uncharted star

{{Unnamed star}}
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    This star wasn't detected and charted by the Seed ships. When Destiny flew near it, the gravity of the star disrupted its Faster-Than-Light engine. Since the star system wasn't in any of the navigational data transmitted to Destiny from the seed ships, Destiny was required to plot a parabolic course around the star to chart the system itself. This protracted process allowed some of the crew aboard Destiny an opportunity to disembark for the month that the ship had allotted to complete the task and live on the Eden|idyllic planet in orbit of the star. This star is a yellow dwarf similar to Sol with Eden as the only planetary body in orbit of it. Dr. Nicholas Rush speculated that both the star and planet were created artificially by a Obelisk builder|very advanced race, though not likely the Ancients due to the writings on the orbiting planet. The nature of the star system perplexed many of the crew aboard Destiny, especially the astrophysicists like Rush and Dale Volker|Dr. Dale Volker. The latter determining via Destiny's sensor data that the star had just completed the T Tauri phase of it's evolution, which would mean that it was less than 10 million years old. Had that been accurate, the planet orbiting the star would be very young in it's formation and nowhere near the point where it had an environment capable of supporting life. Several Tau'ri aboard Destiny believed that the star and the planet might have therefore been created by providence (God). Though most believe in both. {{Cite|SGU|Faith}}
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