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Unnamed galaxy (Pain)

Unnamed galaxy (Pain)

{{Infobox Galaxy |image=250px">250px |hidea= |type= |location=Deep space |systems=
  • Binary pulsar system
  • Novus system
  • Unnamed star system (Blockade)
  • Unnamed star system (Pathogen)
  • Unnamed star system (Resurgence)
  • Unnamed star system (Twin Destinies)
  • Unnamed star system 1 (Gauntlet)
  • Unnamed star system 2 (Gauntlet)
  • |hideo= |appearances=Stargate Universe <small>(16 episodes)</small> }} This Unnamed galaxy, located several billion light years from Earth, is the second encountered by the Destiny expedition since their arrival on the Ancient ship Destiny.


    thumb|left|200px">thumb|left|200px Shortly after departing the Unnamed galaxy (Air)|previous galaxy, Destiny's Faster-Than-Light engine was sabotaged and the ship was adrift. After bypassing the damage and surviving yet another Nakai attack in the void|attack from members of the Nakai, Destiny crossed the void to the second galaxy. {{cite|SGU|Sabotage}}
    thumb|200px|Destiny's path inside the Galaxy">thumb|200px|Destiny's path inside the Galaxy The galaxy itself is patrolled by a force of Drone (Resurgence)|Drones consisting of Berzerker drones and Control Ships that oversee the drones. The Ursini were at Ursini-Drone war|war with them until they were wiped out. Other inhabitants of the galaxy include the People of Novus, descendents of the Destiny expedition who were sent back in time 2,000 years ago. The Novans developed into an advanced civilization, founding several colonies. {{cite|SGU|Resurgence|Common Descent|Epilogue|Blockade}}
    The drone's task of eliminating any technology, save themselves, eventually forces the crew of the Destiny, having traversed only a third of the galaxy, to abort the trip. Instead, the ship is programmed to exit the galaxy and proceed to the Unnamed galaxy (Gauntlet)|next while the crew is in stasis pod|stasis pods, a journey that will take approximately three years. {{cite|SGU|Gauntlet}}

    Known star systems and planets

  • Tick planet|Unnamed planet where alien ticks were picked up by off-world team. {{cite|SGU|Pain}}
  • Planet (Pain)|Unnamed planet {{cite|SGU|Pain}}
  • Binary pulsar system {{cite|SGU|Incursion, Part 1|Incursion, Part 2}}
  • Planet (Intervention)|Unnamed planet where the Destiny expedition was dropped off by the Lucian Alliance {{cite|SGU|Intervention}}
  • Planet (Aftermath)|Unnamed planet where the Ancient shuttle|shuttle crashed. {{cite|SGU|Aftermath}}
    thumb|250px|Stargates and control ships on Destiny's path">thumb|250px|Stargates and control ships on Destiny's path
  • Planet (Pathogen)|Unnamed planet which Destiny orbited for a short time after dropping from Faster-Than-Light engine|FTL. {{cite|SGU|Pathogen}}
  • Planet (Cloverdale)|Unnamed planet where Lt. Matthew Scott was infected by an Alien creature (Cloverdale)|Alien plant. {{cite|SGU|Cloverdale}}
  • Planet (Malice)|Unnamed planet where Simeon escaped to. {{cite|SGU|Malice}}
  • Planet (Hope)|Unnamed planet where Ginn was buried. {{cite|SGU|Hope}}
  • Star (Resurgence)|Unnamed Star where Destiny and a Seed ship recharged. {{cite|SGU|Resurgence}}
  • Ursini colony, a planet, where a group of Ursini lived. Now the planet is uninhabited, after a Control Ship and her Berzerker drones destroyed all the population. {{cite|SGU|Resurgence}}
  • Star (Twin Destinies)|Unnamed Star where Destiny attempted to dial Earth. {{cite|SGU|Twin Destinies}}
  • Planet (The Hunt)|Unnamed planet where "Space deers" and The Beast|large predators live. {{cite|SGU|The Hunt}}
  • thumb|Human world - Novus Mundus or simply Novus.">thumb|Human world - Novus Mundus or simply Novus.
  • Novus, now forsaken planet where descendants of alternate Destiny expedition live. {{cite|SGU|Common Descent|Epilogue}}
  • Novus colony (Common Descent)|Novus colony off-world colony of Novus. {{cite|SGU|Common Descent}}
  • Planet (Epilogue)|Unnamed planet where the alternate expedition first landed before moving to Novus. {{cite|SGU|Epilogue}}
  • Novus colony (Blockade)|Novus colony where the crew waited out Destiny recharging in a Star (Blockade)|blue giant. {{cite|SGU|Blockade}}
  • Star (Blockade)|Unnamed Star where Destiny recharged. {{cite|SGU|Blockade}}
  • World (Gauntlet)|Unnamed planet where the crew gathered supplies with the Ancient shuttle. {{cite|SGU|Gauntlet}}
  • Planet (Gauntlet)|Unnamed planet where the crew gathered meteorites with palladium hydride in order to fix Destiny's stasis pods. {{cite|SGU|Gauntlet}}
  • Known races

    thumb|144px|Ursini, one of the sentient races of the galaxy.">thumb|144px|Ursini, one of the sentient races of the galaxy.

    Sentient races

  • Alien creature (Cloverdale)|Alien plant
  • People of Novus
  • The Beast
  • Alien race (Resurgence)|Unnamed Alien
  • Ursini
  • Non sentient races (suspected):

  • Alien tick
  • Drone (Resurgence)|Drone
  • Space bison
  • Space deer
  • Appearances

    {| class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed wikitable" width="100%" ! Appearances for Unnamed galaxy (Pain) |- | In chronological order:
  • Stargate Universe
  • *Universe Season 1|Season 1
  • **"Sabotage"
  • **"Pain"
  • **"Subversion"
  • **"Incursion, Part 1"
  • **"Incursion, Part 2"
  • *Universe Season 2|Season 2
  • **"Intervention"
  • **"Aftermath"
  • **"Awakening"
  • **"Pathogen"
  • **"Cloverdale"
  • **"Trial and Error"
  • **"The Greater Good"
  • **"Malice"
  • **"Visitation"
  • **"Resurgence"
  • **"Deliverance"
  • **"Twin Destinies"
  • **"Alliances"
  • **"Hope"
  • **"Seizure"
  • **"The Hunt"
  • **"Common Descent"
  • **"Epilogue"
  • **"Blockade"
  • **"Gauntlet"
  • |}


  • This galaxy is represented by a photo of the real life [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Messier_81 Bode's Galaxy]. As with the Unnamed galaxy (Air)|previous galaxy visited by Destiny, the photograph was mirrored when used on the show.
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