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Unnamed star system (Darkness)

Unnamed star system (Darkness)

{{Infobox System |name=Unnamed star system (Darkness) |image=DestinyStarSystem.jpg |galaxy=Unnamed galaxy (Air) |stars=Star (Light) |orbits=
  • "Big Bertha"
  • Cold planet
  • Goldilocks zone planet
  • Hot planet
  • |appearances=Stargate Universe<br>
  • "Darkness"<br>*"Light"
  • }} After the Destiny became low on power reserves it dropped out of FTL in a unnamed star system with a gas giant and three other planets orbiting a red dwarf. The members of the Destiny expedition|Destiny expedition used the gas giant (nicknamed Big Bertha) to slingshot further into the star system in hopes of finding a habitable planet. Besides the gas giant the system was home to three other planets: one of which was too hot for life, one of which was too cold, and the third which was between the two. After the slingshot maneuver the crew discovered that the Destiny was now headed directly towards the Star (Light)|system's red dwarf star. In hopes that some of the expedition could survive, an Ancient shuttle was loaded with supplies and 15 crew members and set off towards the third planet, which had a possibly of being habitable. It was later discovered that the Destiny stopped in the star system on purpose to refuel it's power reserves by taking energy directly from the red dwarf star. Due to this the shuttle eventually returned to the Destiny by doing its own slingshot maneuver around the planet (named Goldilocks zone planet) that they were originally heading towards. {{cite|SGU|Darkness|Light}}
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