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Valhalla (spaceship)

Valhalla (spaceship)

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thumb|right|250px|The Valhalla joins several [[O'Neill-class ship">thumb|right|250px|The Valhalla joins several [[O'Neill-class ships to destroy a replicator ship]] {{quote|This is Aegir of the Valhalla. We have assumed defensive positions and are awaiting the target ship.|Aegir|New Order, Part 2}}
The Valhalla was an O'Neill-class ship|O'Neill-class ship, and flagship of the Asgard fleet that destroyed a Replicator Replicator cruiser|cruiser when they arrived on Orilla. It was commanded by Aegir. {{Cite|SG1|New Order, Part 2}}

Behind the scenes

In Norse Mythology, Valhalla was the fortress inhabited by Odin, and the primary stronghold of the Æsir, located in Asgard. It was also home to Einherjene, the armies made up by dead warriors. {{O'Neill class ships}}
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