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Vanaheim is a planet located within the Milky Way galaxy and one settled by Humans from Earth who were under the protection of the Asgard Tyr. The planet was locked in an ice age with bitter cold winters.

During the formation of the Protected Planets Treaty, Tyr claimed several members of the Human race and placed them on a world of his choosing where he would serve as their protector. However, his experience held that the only way to defend these Humans was to provide them the means to defend themselves. Thus, he provided them elements of Asgard technology such as the Shock spear and informed them about the threat of the Goa'uld|ettins that might emerge from the Stargate. Whilst the civilization survived, members of the Asgard felt that Tyr had interfered within their cultural evolution and it was Thor who stripped Tyr of his high ranking position to that of a ship commander. In the mean time, the inhabitants of Vanaheim developed into a modern advanced civilization where they created the settlement of New Midgard. Despite the loss of many of their number during initial settlement, the humans of Vanaheim prospered and further developed their civilization.

The Humans of Vanaheim had developed electrical technology and despite samples of Asgard devices, they were unable to replicate anything beyond the Shock spears. However, the world possessed quantities of Naquadah leading to the natives in studying the element in order to unlock its properties. The constant threat of the ettins lead to the people of Vanaheim developing both a martial military force that served as police and another class of scientific scholars who brought about a Renaissance for their people. Technologically, the planet was equivalent to Earth's 1960s though with elements of advanced technology present. {{Cite|RPG|Fantastic Frontiers: Stargate Season One}}

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