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{{Infobox Character
|home planet=Galar
|allegiances=Galaran, Tau'ri
|appearances=Stargate SG-1<br>
  • "Collateral Damage"
  • |actor=William Atherton }} Varta is a male Galaran.



    A year before SG-1 visited their planet, he chose Dr. Reya Varrick to be the new leader of Galaran memory project. {{cite|SG1|Collateral Damage}}


    When SG-1 visited Galar he started peaceful contact with the Tau'ri and trade with them. He became Ambassador between his Galaran and people from Earth. Varta is an officer of high reputation in Galaran military. When SG-1 visited Galar he showed their latest technology the Galaran memory device. When he learned that Dr. Reya had been murdered and all evidence pointed to Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell, he was eager to maintain their diplomatic relations. And the Galaran cabinet had suggested that not only relieve Mitchell but allow him to retain his diplomatic status. When Mitchell asked for an investigation to explain his innocence Varta put two of the best Galaran scientists on the case. Since the researchers had found that the memory was false and that SG-1 wanted an investigation. But he did not want an investigation. Then after they found out who was the real killer he had to erase the memory of Dr. Marell of the last few days and told him Reya was dead, by having him find out that she had died in an accident. {{cite|SG1|Collateral Damage}}

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