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{{Infobox Character|
name= Vyse |
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race= Tau'ri |
gender= Male |
rank= Colonel |
home planet= Earth|
allegiances=  |
appearances= None (mentioned in Stargate (movie)|Stargate) |
actor=  |
Colonel Vyse was a man credited with discovering the quarrymen's inscriptions of Khufu’s name written within the Great Pyramid at Giza. Dr. Daniel Jackson, however, believed his "discovery" was a fraud and that, therefore, the pyramids contained no hieroglyphs, suggesting they were not built by the Ancient Egyptians. His theory did not go over well with the professors he was lecturing. 

Behind the scenes

There was a real man named [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_William_Howard_Vyse Colonel Richard William Howard Vyse] who did discover such inscriptions in the Great Pyramid, which many believe to be a fraud. Category:English>Category:English Category:British military personnel>Category:British military personnel Category:Colonels>Category:Colonels Category:Original movie characters>Category:Original movie characters